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Ford EV Tesla Charging Adapter Can’t Charge Rivals: Video

The brand new North American Charging Standard (NACS) adapter that enables Ford EV owners to utilize Tesla Supercharger stations just became available to order roughly a week ago, and that particular part is already working as expected for owners of the Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E. Those Ford EV owners won’t even need the Tesla app to utilize these charging stations, but in the coming months, they’ll be joined by owners of other all-electric models from the likes of GM and Rivian, to name just a couple. In the meantime, as Ford F-150 Lightning owner – as well as the purveyor of the YouTube channel State of Charge – Tom Moloughney recently found out, the Ford EV adapter won’t work properly when used on non-Blue Oval models.

Chevy Bolt EV Tesla Supercharger Ford NACS Adapter- Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

To test this out, Moloughney headed out to a Tesla Supercharger station with both his Rivian R1S and a Chevy Bolt EV to see if the Ford NACS adapter might actually work with those vehicles, even though neither brand has gained access to the network as of yet. Regardless, the concept here was simple – just see if either vehicle would actually work, regardless.

To test this theory, Moloughney must use the Tesla app the same way he used to with his F-150 Lightning with the “Magic Dock” adapter, and simply try and fool the charger into thinking that he’s charging the Ford pickup. First up, he goes through this process with the R1S, but gets an “unauthorized vehicle” message instead. He also tried to use a pair of other types of adapters, but with no success.

The same exact thing happens when Moloughney plugs in his Bolt EV, proving that Tesla hasn’t yet updated its Superchargers to work with any of these models, whether or not one has any kind of adapter. Regardless, that’s set to change soon – this spring, in fact – when both GM and Rivian owners are expected to gain access to Tesla’s expansive network.

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