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Ford Explorer EV Makes Its Way Across The United States

The all-new Ford Explorer EV debuted last March as the first of at least two planned all-electric Blue Oval crossovers underpinned by Volkswagen’s MEB platform, though it will only be sold in Europe when it launches in that region this summer. However, over the past few months, travel influencer Lexie Alford – or Lexie Limitless, as she’s otherwise known – has been traveling the world in a Ford Explorer EV prototype as she attempts to become the first person to circumvent the globe in an all-electric vehicle. That journey has thus far taken Alford through places like Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia, and now, the United States.

Ford Explorer EV Lexie Alford United States Road Trip - Interior 001

Thus far, Alford and her Ford Explorer EV have traveled through Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Colorado, and Illinois. Even though charging infrastructure in the states is far better than most places the duo have visited thus far, this Explorer EV is still a pre-production model, meaning that for a while, it wasn’t able to take advantage of DC fast chargers, instead relying on slower AC power to get by. Ford engineers did manage to rectify that issue, however, helping to speed things up.

This particular leg of the journey is an interesting one, as the Explorer EV won’t be sold in the U.S. – though a different version of the long-running nameplate is slated to enter production for that market in 2025. This could ultimately be quite confusing for Americans who did come across the new EV crossover while it was making its way across the U.S., however. After all, the Explorer EV just made its first public appearance in Cologne, Germany earlier this month when it participated in the famous Rose Monday Parade in front of an estimated one million spectators.

Ford Explorer EV Lexie Alford United States Road Trip - Exterior 002 - Side

Regardless, with her trip across America nearly complete, Alford will now head back to Europe for the final stretch of her historic world tour, which she’s currently documenting on social media.

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  1. Sunday DICKSON

    Good day, does the win 2 Shelbys apply to Canadians as well?

  2. Sunday DICKSON

    The Ford Explorer EV that I have seen here is a complete joke. If Ford presents, it’s going to be one of its worst sales ever. Look at the Germans when they build electric cars. A car has to have that external and internal appeal to all. It is not a must that the front facia mist always be blank as is the trend now for no just reason 🤔

  3. Jack Verit

    Any citation of an “influencer” forfeits all credibility and respect.

  4. Russell

    Looking forward to an Explorer Ev and Flex Ev as well.

  5. Big burning gas steve

    One year to drive around world, 10 years to charge it!


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