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Ford F-150 Lightning Beats R1T, Cybertruck In New Comparison

The Ford F-150 Lightning has enjoyed more than its fair share of critical acclaim since launching for the 2022 model year, having previously been named Edmunds’ top rated EV truck for two consecutive years now. During that time, the Ford F-150 Lightning also beat out one of its rivals – the Rivian R1T – in a comparison test conducted by MotorTrend, too. Now that the Lightning has gained another new rival – the Tesla Cybertruck – we’re due for another round of comparison tests, and that’s precisely what Edmunds completed recently between those two EV pickups, plus the R1T.

For this particular test, Edmunds utilized the Rivian R1T Launch Edition from its own fleet, plus a Ford F-150 Lightning with the extended range battery and the dual-motor Tesla Cybertruck – not the range-topping Cyberbeast, which it borrowed from a private owner, as that company doesn’t employ any sort of press fleet.

In terms of driving experience, Edmunds noted that the Cybertruck rides nicely and is rather quick, though it wasn’t as big a fan of the fact that the controls are housed mostly in the center touchscreen. It called the Lightning “the most truck-like of the bunch,” with a rougher ride, but that’s not surprising given the fact that unlike the Cybertruck and R1T, it doesn’t come equipped with an air suspension. In terms of range, the Cybertruck netted 334 miles in Edmunds’ own testing, with the Lightning returning 332 miles and the R1T 321 miles.

Ultimately, Edmunds chose the Ford F-150 Lightning as the winner of this test for a number of reasons. It says that the Cybertruck is “simply not versatile enough, not clever enough and it’s way too expensive,” while the R1T “might be less eccentric and less spacious, but it’s much easier to use and live with day to day.” Regardless, it also says the Lightning is “still the one we’d have over all the others,” which is notable given the increasing level of competition it’s facing moving forward.

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  1. Ford Owner

    Ford beats Tesla once again!

  2. Smitty

    You Go Ford!! Nice Job!!


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