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Ford F-150 Lightning Has 97 Percent Battery Life At 93K Miles

Among the various concerns some have regarding all-electric vehicles, one of the chief issues pertains to battery life and how range degrades over time. Even though FoMoCo offers a solid warranty on its hybrid and EV batteries and also has plans to recycle and repurpose those same units when they reach the end of their useable lives, many are still understandably worried not only about having to replace pricey EV batteries, but also, losing precious range as the miles pile up. However, the experience of one Ford F-150 Lightning owner should prove encouraging, as we can see from their personal story posted in its entirety at the F-150 Lightning Forum.

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Over the course of the past 21 months, this Ford F-150 Lightning owner has racked up a mind-boggling 93,000 miles on their EV pickup, which equates to an average of around 53,000 miles per year, or 4,429 per month. The owner admits that “no one, and I mean no one really wants to sit behind the wheel of a Lightning for 93,000 miles in 21 months,” and yet, that’s precisely what they’ve done. However, it’s the resulting data from this heavy usage that’s truly impressive.

For starters, normal wear and tear items have largely held up nicely, as the truck’s paint is reportedly in great shape with no real signs of wear and tear, though this Ford F-150 Lightning is on its second set of tires, as one might expect. In terms of charging, utilizing all available networks and as many free sessions as possible has resulted in a lower costs, to boot. However, it’s the truck’s remaining battery life that’s truly mind-boggling – and potentially reassuring for other owners.

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After 93k miles, this Ford F-150 Lightning still has 97 percent of its original battery life left, according to the owner, which is undoubtedly impressive. They note that they typically charge at home using Ford’s own charger, and that they don’t typically charge it past the 70-90 percent mark in an effort to preserve battery life, nor do they let it go below 10 percent. Regardless, this is still impressive, and it’ll be interesting to see what other owners experience once they rack up this kind of mileage in the future as well.

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  1. bob dobson

    Thats good news for all the early adopters trying to get rid their trucks. Same with the dealers try to flush them since the car buying public has said No Thank You to EVs

  2. Shockandawe

    So what’s the actual range when you don’t go under 10% and don’t charge it over 70% to 90%? Perhaps 150 miles, what a joke!

  3. Shawn Schroeder

    The problem remains with EVs. Towing, range, and away from home charging. My own BMW I3 has similar batt degradation. Or lack there of. Great commuter, but EVs remain a niche IMO. Not for every situation.


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