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Ford F-150 Pickup Drivers Let Road Rage Consume Them: Video

Over the years, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of road rage incidents, which seem to be on the rise for a number of reasons. Many of those incidents involve Blue Oval models, as one would expect, and quite a few are caught on camera, particularly as more and more people are installing dash cams in their vehicles these days amid fraudulent insurance claims and, of course, a rise in road rage incidents. In recent years, we’ve seen alarming scenes such as a Ford F-150 driver battling a Chrysler 200, a Ford Edge play chicken with an 18-wheeler, a Ford Escape fight a BMW and wind up tipping over, and another Escape that lost a battle with a truck towing a trailer. Now, our latest example of road rage comes to us from a pair of Ford F-150 drivers that just couldn’t help but battle it out on the roadway.

Ford F-150 Road Rage Incident

It’s somewhat unclear what caused this particular road rage incident, as the video starts out with one Ford F-150 driver moving down the highway precariously close to the pickup in front of it, as well as closer to the driver’s side. It’s possible that the older pickup was trying to pass the newer one, and perhaps the driver in front wasn’t happy about that and proceeded to block them in, which only escalated the situation.

Regardless, once both trucks reach stopped traffic, the action really begins. The driver of the newer Ford F-150 in front hops out as the driver of the older model opens his door, and proceeds to give it a karate-style kick that sends him back into his seat. The two then proceed to exchange blows before the video – which is being recorded by the vehicle behind both – cuts out.


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It’s unclear what caused this particular road rage incident, nor what happened to either driver, but yet again, it’s truly puzzling as to why anyone would let their emotions boil over and lead to violence such as this. In the best case, perhaps no one was hurt and they carried on about their day, or someone could have been seriously injured or wound up in jail. Either way, those outcomes certainly aren’t worth it, regardless, as both drivers could have simply taken a deep breath and continued on with their day.

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  1. barb

    There both upset with there 10 speed transmissions

  2. Dave

    It doesn’t seem to matter what brand of pickup they drive. A large number of guys who drive full sized pickups are dicks and act like dicks. Obviously not ALL pickup owners are dicks, but enough are that people notice.


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