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Ford F-150 Still The Most Common Vehicle On The Road

Given the fact that the Ford F-150 represents one-half of America’s best-selling model, the Ford F-Series, it never really comes as a surprise to learn that it’s also one of the most popular used or new vehicles of any kind. The Ford F-150 has also long been one of the more commonly spotted vehicles on U.S. roads for this very same reason – after all, with millions and millions of them sold over the years, that’s to be expected. Regardless, it’s still pretty interesting to learn just how big of a slice the Ford F-150 has in terms of vehicles on our roads at the moment, which Experian shed some light on as part of its latest Automotive Market Trends report.

Top 25 Automotive Models Market Share Rankings Experian Q4 2023

This data reveals that the Ford F-150 remained the most common vehicle on U.S. roads as of Q4 2023, as the pickup accounted for 3.7 percent of that particular market. It’s a rather large gap between the F-150 and the second-place Chevy Silverado 1500 as well – a full one percent – and things only decline further from there. Interestingly enough, this Ford F-150 market share figure is exactly the same as it was in Q4 2021 as well, signaling that not much has changed in recent years.

Ultimately, this news comes as no surprise given the fact that the Ford F-Series lineup retained its crown as the best-selling truck in the U.S. for 47 years in 2023, continuing one of the most impressive streaks in automotive history. At the same time, the Ford F-150 has long been one of the most popular targets in the used vehicle market as well, In fact, the F-150 ranked as the most popular used vehicle in America in 2021, 2022, and 2023, with the 2021 model recently ranking among Consumer Reportsmost popular used vehicles, too.

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    gmc + cheby 2.9% > 2.7% f150

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    Very interesting story. It would help if the source of the data sown in the chart was referenced.
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