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Ford Fusion Among Top 25 Vehicles That Remain In Operation

The Ford Fusion was discontinued a few years ago, a sad byproduct of The Blue Oval’s decision to stop selling sedans in the U.S. However, the Fusion remains incredibly popular among used vehicle shoppers and fans of what was an excellent, reliable, efficient, and affordable model to begin with, particularly since it’s an even better value in today’s world. Thus, it comes as no surprise to learn that the Ford Fusion is still among the top 25 vehicles that remain in operation on U.S. roads today, according to Experian’s Q4 2023 Automotive Market Trends report.

Top 25 Automotive Models Market Share Rankings Experian Q4 2023

The Ford Fusion ranked near the end of this top 25 list by accounting for 0.8 percent of all vehicles on U.S. roads at the end of 2023, though in all fairness, it’s a truly impressive result for a vehicle that’s been out of production for years to this point. That isn’t the case with the rest of the vehicles on this list either, which is dominated by top-selling used and new vehicles starting with the Ford F-150 and including the Ford Super Duty – which form the Ford F-Series lineup, a duo that has remained atop the U.S. sales charts for decades to this point.

The Ford Fusion certainly wasn’t the only Blue Oval product to make this particular list, either. Rather, the Ford F-150 topped every other model by accounting for 3.7 percent of all vehicles on the road, and was joined by the Ford Escape at 1.3 percent, the Ford Explorer at 1.2 percent, the Ford F-250 Super Duty at one percent, and the Ford Fusion at 0.8 percent. Overall, it’s an impressive showing for FoMoCo in general, as well as a testament to the popularity of these models – and their inherent dependability, in many cases.

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  1. Ron

    I have a 2015 fusion with 210k on it except for a bad air bad, coolant leak, mice ate a couple of wires and a bad shock and regular maintenance its been trouble free. If I were dishonest I could reset the odometer to 80-90 K and no one could tell as the body is in great shape NO rust.

  2. Ford Owner

    I have a 2014 hybrid and it has been my best cars (after three GM cars). It gives me over 55 MPG on some trips and over 40 every day. I still don’t know why Ford discontinued it.

  3. Mike K

    I had a 2014 plug in Fusion 60 mpg with mine. Had a level 2 charger at home. Not great electric miles but those did help.

  4. Tigger

    Still looks fresh and modern.

  5. Jean Batalle

    Ford do you remember the Coupes Ford Falcon Futura an the Mercury Comet with 6 cil. and V8 260, 289 and 302, well that is what we whant to have and see in cars like the Fusion, a lot of people don´t like or don´t need SUV or truks.

  6. James Flom

    With all the competition that Ford has I’m surprised they would eliminate such reliable and well liked cars from there lineup. Must just be business. ….. Influenced by govt.


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