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Ford Has Highest Percentage Of Cars That Remain In Operation

The recently-released Experian Q4 2023 Automotive Market Trends report presented us with some truly fascinating insights into the market as a whole – particularly, the fact that a handful of Blue Oval models are still among the most common on U.S. roadways. That list was actually topped by the Ford F-150, in fact, which was joined by models like its F-Series counterpart, the Ford Super Duty, the Ford Escape crossover, the Ford Fusion sedan, and the Ford Explorer on this prestigious list. However, these models also helped Ford top the list of all automotive brands in that regard as well.

Experian Q4 2023 Automotive Market Trends Report Total Vehicles On U.S. Roads By Brand

In this list of the top brands with the most vehicles operating on U.S. roads as of the conclusion of 2023, Ford ranked first by accounting for 14.7 percent of the market, followed by Chevrolet (13.2 percent), Toyota (12.7 percent), Honda (8.5 percent), Dodge/Ram (6.1 percent), Nissan (5.9 percent), Jeep (4.2 percent), GMC (3.8 percent), Hyundai (3.6 percent), Kia (2.8 percent), Subaru (2.8 percent), Volkswagen (1.9 percent), Mazda (1.9 percent), Mercedes-Benz (1.9 percent), BMW (1.8 percent), Lexus (1.8 percent), Chrysler (1.4 percent), Buick (1.3 percent), Acura (1.1 percent), and Cadillac (1.0 percent).

As far as individual models go, The Blue Oval had a grand total of four make the top 25 list of the most common vehicles still on the road, which helped it achieve the top mark among all brands at the conclusion of 2023. That list – as previously mentioned – was led by the Ford F-150, which accounts for 3.7 percent of all vehicles left on the road, followed by the Ford Escape at 1.3 percent, the Ford Explorer at 1.2 percent, the Ford F-250 Super Duty at an even one percent, and the Ford Fusion at 0.8 percent. Overall, it’s an impressive showing for FoMoCo in general, as well as a testament to the popularity of these models – and their inherent dependability, in many cases.

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