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Ford Motorcraft Synthetic Oil Beats Key Rivals: Video

One of the most common questions vehicle owners have – and have had for a very long time now – is which oil is best for their particular model? This can often be a tough question to answer, as even when we stray away from the debate of conventional oil versus synthetic, there are a dizzying number of brands out there to choose from, not to mention viscosities. However, in the realm of The Blue Oval, most experts have long recommended simply sticking with the automaker’s own brand – Ford Motorcraft – and in this recent test conducted by the YouTube channel Project Farm, we have some scientific results to back up this ages-old recommendation.

Ford Motorcraft Synthetic Oil Comparison

For this particular test, Project Farm tested a variety of oil available on pretty much every shelf at the moment – from the likes of Mopar, Ford Motorcraft, ACDelco, Honda, Toyota, and one third-party choice – Mobil 1 – comparing each in the categories of lubricity or film strength, evaporative loss, and cold oil flow before and after heat exposure. Additionally, our host paid an independent oil lab to analyze each and provide detailed results for comparison’s sake, while also conducting his own separate testing.

When all of this testing is complete, it gives us a pretty in-depth and rather fascinating look at how different these oil choices truly are. Once the lab results are back, it reveals that while Ford Motorcraft synthetic oil has more impurities in it – including aluminum, iron, copper, and tin – but it’s still in good condition with very trace amounts of those metals present. In terms of barium, boron, calcium, and magnesium, that was also the case, as Ford Motorcraft had the highest levels of detergents/dispersants of this group, as well as the highest number of anti-wear materials.

Once we combine all of these results, Ford Motorcraft synthetic oil ranked as the top choice among the group, with an average finish or ranking of 2.2 in every category, beating out second-place Mopar MaxPro, which finished with a score of 3.0. This is obviously great news for Motorcraft fans, and further proof that sometimes, sticking with OEM is certainly the way to go.

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