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Ford Ranger Keeps Trucking After Slowly Rolling Over: Video

In the years that it has existed, we’ve seen the Ford Ranger take quite a bit of abuse and keep on ticking, whether that be examples of the pickup racing in a massive demolition derby, rolling over during test drives, or cheap used examples being converted into hardcore desert racers. Now, we have more video evidence supporting the idea that the Ford Ranger is one tough cookie, as this one recently rolled over while off-roading, only to keep on trucking afterward.

Ford Ranger Rolls Over But Keeps Going - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

In a video recently posted to Instagram, we get a good look at this impressive feat, which begins with the older compact Ford Ranger being driven around in what looks like some sort of off-road park. There’s a side-by-side nearby that is clearly taking a break and filming the action, which starts off innocently enough as the Ranger comes barreling down a hill, then proceeds to start ripping off some donuts in the dirt.

Problem is, the driver of the Ford Ranger gives it too much of the proverbial sauce, and it winds up rolling over on its side – albeit very slowly. However, rather than stop there, the pickup just keeps on going, onto its roof, back on the other side, and eventually, on all four wheels in an upright position. At this point, bystanders begin rushing in to help, likely concerned for the safety of the vehicle’s occupants.


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However, there’s apparently no need for that, as the driver just keeps on going after all four tires are back on the dirt. The Ranger has clearly suffered some damage to its roof, windshield, and various body pieces, but not enough to stop it from continuing to drive around, at least. At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised to see such a crazy thing happen, but then again, it’s hard not to be impressed, regardless.

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