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Here’s How Much Ford CEO Farley Earned In 2023

As has historically been the case with most head execs at most large corporations, Ford CEO Jim Farley has earned his fair share of income since taking over the helm of the iconic automaker back in 2019, succeeding Jim Hackett at the time. Since then, Farley has seen his total compensation rise each year following a bit of a struggle during the early days of the pandemic, in which FoMoCo faced its fair share of supply chain and resulting production issues. That trend continued in 2023 as well, which we know courtesy of filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In his first year leading The Blue Oval, Farley raked in $11.8 million in total compensation – a $1.4 million base salary, $5.1 million in stock awards, and around $4.2 million in other awards – which represented a 41 percent increase over his 2019 compensation. In 2021, that number increased exponentially – to $22.8 million, much of which came from $16 million in stock awards, coupled with a $1.7 million base salary and another $830,305 slated for personal use of an aircraft.

In 2022, the Ford CEO earned $1.7 million as his base salary, about $2.7 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation, and slightly more than $15 million in stock awards, which totaled a slightly-lower $20.9 million in compensation when combined with some other perks- – ranking Farley 14th on the list of the highest paid CEOs of publicly traded U.S.-based companies. Regardless, this figure was more than high enough to draw the ire of the United Auto Workers (UAW) last year as it worked to negotiate a new contract with The Blue Oval, as it released a video criticizing the incomes of all Detroit Big Three CEOs.

Meanwhile, things improved substantially for Farley in 2023, as the Ford CEO earned $26 million total compensation, which consists of a $1.7 million base salary, $20 million in stock awards, $2.4 million in incentives, and $2 million in other types of income.

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  1. Jim

    I could see it if he owned it but he is just an employee

  2. Mortimer Duke

    Whether or not Farley is delivering value for money, about the only entity in no position whatsoever to express any view beyond any shares it may own is UAW – whose compensation doesn’t fluctuate with the share price.

  3. Dave Mathers

    Welcome to the rarified air at the top of all BIG businesses.

  4. ed

    thats bulls**t

  5. zippy

    Nobody “earns” $20 million a year. They just rake it in.

  6. Ronald

    Mr. Farley is the head of a Co. with revenues of over $170 billion. The bulk of his pay is in Ford stock.

  7. Earl

    In Japan the executive compensation for heads of Company’s is more realistic. What gets me is in America the executives are given bonuses when the Company’s don’t meet their objectives.. Weak kneed boards made up of heads of other Company’s

  8. G O PEE

    Unregulated capitalism at its finest

  9. Alers

    I agree with Earl not just Mr Farley but high politicians to not understand the basic concepts of Quality such as statements they make relative to fix instead of correct non conformance.


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