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Legal Challenge To Ford EV Battery Plant Will Be Expedited

The under-construction Ford EV battery plant formerly known as BlueOval Battery Park Michigan has thus far endured its fair share of legal challenges, largely from local residents who have been trying to bring the site’s rezoning to a public vote over the past few months. Those efforts have thus far failed, most recently, after a court dismissed an amended complaint filed by the Committee for Marshall – Not the Megasite against the city of Marshall and the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance (MAEDA). However, the Committee was quick to note that it would appeal that decision, which is precisely what it did nearly a month ago. Now, the appeals court has agreed to expedite that particular request, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer.

Ford BlueOval Battery Park Michigan Annoucement

This week, the Michigan Court of Appeals granted the Committee’s request to expedite its appeal against the city of Marshall, the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance (MAEDA), and City Clerk Michelle Eubank. This legal saga actually began last year in a lawsuit filed by the Committee arguing that its petition seeking a citywide vote on an ordinance that rezoned hundreds of acres where the future Ford EV battery plant will reside was unfairly rejected.

“This is great news for the voters of Marshall,” Gretchen Esser of the Committee for Marshall – Not the Megasite said in a statement. “We’ve always said, our case is an election law case, and now the Court of Appeals shows it agrees. It was critical that the court take up the issue as soon as possible so that we can vote on the referendum on the zoning ordinance this November. We are thrilled with this early win.” Following this decision, the other parties involved must respond by March 15th, though MAEDA CEO Jim Durian remains confident that work on the project will continue, regardless.

Ford BlueOval Battery Park Michigan Annoucement

“Ford’s BlueOval Battery Park Michigan is already creating local jobs, investment, and opportunities across our region. Hundreds of workers have been hired, new customers are visiting local businesses and spending money at our stores,” Durian said in a statement. “We are watching with excitement as the steel goes up on this innovative facility that will create new career pathways for young people in the Marshall area. The opposition has already had its day in court, with multiple hearings, and the court has consistently ruled in our favor. Ongoing litigation does not help us move forward as a community. We remain confident the Court of Appeals will affirm the lower court’s decisions and allow this once-in-a-generation project to move forward and bring new jobs and investment to the region.”

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