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Nearly 20K Ford Maverick Pickups Were In Play Last Month

Since its debut for the 2022 model year, the Ford Maverick has been one of the hottest models on the new vehicle market, with many examples still selling for more than sticker price – and inventory remaining a bit scant compared to demand. Ford Maverick production at the Hermosillo Assembly plant┬átook a small dip in December, but still closed out the year strong as 123,786 units rolled out of that particular facility in 2023, though that still wasn’t quite enough to satisfy demand.

Meanwhile, the Ford Maverick not only dominated sales in the compact pickup segment, but also hybrid pickups, in general, as that particular model enjoyed a robust 98.39 percent year-over-year increase in January to kick off the new year, too, which can directly be attributed to that production bump, even if it did level out a bit in February. Now, we know precisely how many Ford Maverick pickups were in gross stock at the end of February, too.

According to Ford’s February sales report, there were 19,800 Ford Maverick pickups either in transit to dealers or on lots as of the conclusion of last month. A quick internet search turned up just a touch under 7,000 Mavericks listed for sale at dealers across the U.S as well, while FoMoCo had just over 450k total vehicles in gross stock at that same point in time.

Interestingly, the aforementioned production bump in January didn’t carry over to February, as Ford Maverick production at Hermosillo declined by 1,953 units or 12 percent, closing out the month at 14,316 units. It isn’t a massive dip by any measure, but a notable one, regardless, particularly after Ford was quick to tout its production boost a month prior, coupled with the fact that demand for the compact pickup remains quite high.

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