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UAW President Pans Ford CEO Farley’s 2023 Compensation

During the six-week-long United Auto Workers strike levied against Ford and its Detroit Big Three counterparts last year, UAW president Shawn Fain and FoMoCo CEO Jim Farley exchanged verbal public jabs on multiple occasions, with Fain later admitting that he wasn’t exactly a fan of Farley during that heated process. One of the union’s main points of contention related to what it calls “bloated” CEO pay in general, and it even went so far as to make a video criticizing it, noting that all three automakers generate more than enough profit to meet its demands. Thus, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the UAW president was quick to pan Farley’s 2023 compensation, which was a bit higher than the year before, as Ford Authority reported earlier today.

Ford CEO Jim Farley

“Just a few weeks ago Farley was crying to the press about how the UAW’s record contracts were forcing the company to rethink where they build their vehicles, but now they have no problem finding the money to give him a 26 percent pay raise to $26.5 million a year,” Fain said in a UAW statement, according to Automotive News. “Let’s be clear: this is corporate greed, plain and simple.”

Farley’s annual total compensation has, for the most part, risen each year since he replaced Jim Hackett as CEO in 2019, as Ford Authority previously reported. In his first year leading The Blue Oval, Farley raked in $11.8 million in total compensation – a $1.4 million base salary, $5.1 million in stock awards, and around $4.2 million in other awards – which represented a 41 percent increase over his 2019 compensation.

In 2021, that number increased to $22.8 million, much of which came from $16 million in stock awards, coupled with a $1.7 million base salary and another $830,305 slated for personal use of an aircraft. The next year, Farley earned $1.7 million as his base salary, about $2.7 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation, and a little more than $15 million in stock awards, which totaled a slightly-lower $20.9 million in compensation, and in 2023, that number came in at $26 million in total compensation, which consists of a $1.7 million base salary, $20 million in stock awards, $2.4 million in incentives, and $2 million in other types of income.

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  1. Drew Ford Retiree

    Fain is a hypocrite. He was flying 1st class during the strike.

  2. Mark

    In other news, Fain insists that Le Bron James and Taylor Swift are underpaid. Back to you, Jim.

  3. Dave Mathers

    Do I detect some jealousy here? Hmm.

  4. Dean Smith

    Farley, who finally drove an F150 Lightning cross-country and admitted that EV’S are problematical. Should have done that with a prototype years ago. Should be fired.

  5. Greg

    I wonder how much the union thug makes?


    I do not have a problem with Farley’s pay so long as it is performance based, similar to Ford middle management.

  7. Ronald Keith

    F A must owned by F M C you can’t post ant criticism no matter how politicly correct


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