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Used Ford Maverick Pickups Don’t Offer Much Value: Study

The Ford Maverick has been in high demand and short supply since the day it launched for the 2022 model year, and while some other models have fallen off as of late, that isn’t the case with FoMoCo’s red-hot compact pickup. Instead, along with winning a Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Award, the Ford Maverick has also ranked among the top vehicles that are selling for more in the used market than they are new. Earlier this year, the Ford Maverick made the cut as one of the 20 new cars priced the highest over MSRP as well, so it should come as no surprise to learn that used examples of that same model are still rather pricey compared to most, according to new data from iSeeCars.

Both the Ford Maverick and Maverick Hybrid wound up making this particular list, with used pure ICE models listed for just 4.1 percent or $1,385 less than new ones at an average price of $32,505 – good enough to land it in fourth place. The Maverick Hybrid came in just behind it in fifth, as used examples of the electrified pickup are selling for $32,039 on average – just 4.4 percent or $1,474 less than the average new model.

This is a stark contrast to the overall market, which is seeing used vehicles sell for 12.8 percent or $5,778 less than new ones, highlighting the fact that used Maverick pickups aren’t offering much in terms of value at the moment.

“Buyers seeking used car value should avoid these cars, which offer less than a 10 percent savings compared to a brand new model,” said Karl Brauer, iSeeCars executive analyst. “At these prices, shoppers are better off simply buying a new model and getting the full new-car experience at a slightly higher cost.”

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  1. Dale

    Still not a bad buy overall for used. Good luck getting a new one and waiting a year!


      Exactly. I’ve checked Car Max a number of times and they always seem to have a nice selection featuring low miles.

  2. Joel Verit

    Oh no, posers can’t get their TINOs in time-O!

  3. Robert jung

    you might pay a little more for a used maverick but you get it , my 2023 order got moved up to a 24 and production date June over 20 month wait for a order and a bs letter every 3 months doesn’t hack it, not to mention possible price increase,hybred ,$1500 option and who knows what my price guarentee is,

  4. Eric Gren

    Weird story to headline, headline is “USED FORD MAVERICK PICKUPS DON’T OFFER MUCH VALUE: STUDY”; however story seems to be just opposite as used Mavericks decline in value 4.1%, well above average.

    1. Joel Verity

      Yes, it should have been worded, “Used Mavericks are a poor value for the money.” Or, even more explicitly, “Used Mavericks don’t offer extra bang for the buck.”

  5. Xxx

    Headline should be “Maverick holding it’s value”


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