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1924 Ford Model T Anniversary Will Be Recognized With Trip

The Ford Model T quite literally etched itself into automotive history after becoming the very first affordable vehicle available to the masses well over a century ago, but it also continued to evolve in the years afterward. Today, we still celebrate the Ford Model T for its tremendous impact on mankind as a whole, even though the state of the automotive market has changed significantly since then. Now, those efforts will continue thanks to the Museum of American Speed, which has something extra special in store to mark 100 years since the 1924 Ford Model T helped that model hit the 10 million units produced mark a century ago.

Museum Of American Speed 1924 Ford Model T Road Trip - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

The Museum of American Speed has announced that it will embark on a coast-to-coast trip from New York to San Francisco in a 1924 Ford Model T as a way to mark this special anniversary, one that will leave Battery Park on June 2nd. The vintage machine will then travel along the historic Lincoln Highway until it reaches San Francisco, California some time later.

What’s particularly notable about this excursion is that it replicates one from Ford back in June 1924, in which the company drove the ten-millionth Model T built along that same route. A recreation of that same vehicle is on display at the Museum of American Speed after it was donated by the family of the late Dr. Alan Hathaway, which has previously embarked on the same exact trip a total of two times – to mark 50 years since Ford’s own road trip, as well as 75 years.

“Our team is excited to be part of a third trip in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ten-millionth Model T Ford and for the vehicle to become part of our permanent collection for years to come,” said Tim Matthews curator of the Museum of American Speed. “This journey is more than a trip across our great country, it is a celebration of the vehicle which gave freedom to millions of Americans. The Model T Ford changed the world’s landscape and way of life forever. We are excited to take this 100 year old car out of its Museum display and prove it can make this monumental voyage once again.”

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