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2024 Ford F-150 Avoided 12 Recalls Due To New Quality Checks

Following years of well-publicized quality issues and after issuing an industry-leading number of recalls, Ford CEO Jim Farley has since made it a priority to improve overall quality. Thus far, the automaker has instituted new “best-in-class” quality targets that vary by model, and began implementing quality checks for refreshed and redesigned models that take place before deliveries begin. This process started with the 2023 Ford Super Duty – and cost the company a reported $1 billion – but regardless, it seems as if that same process saved the company from issuing a large number of recalls for the refreshed 2024 Ford F-150, as Farley revealed during the automaker’s Q1 2024 earnings call with investors.

“But to bend the curve on warranty costs and customer recalls, we’re really focusing on our launches,” Farley said. “We’re past the Super Duty launch now and well into the F-150 launch, and we made a lot of changes to improve and bend that curve. On the F-150 and others, we’ve delayed the Okay To Buy date three to six weeks. We’ve taken a lot of new testing regimens.”

“Actually, we ended the quarter with 60,000 units in our plant stock, which hurt our first quarter, but we’ll benefit because we’re shipping those now in our second quarter for all those quality processes. And what we’re so far seeing is we avoided about 12 recalls on F-150, and we’re seeing the best performance on 3 MIS (Months In Service) after a launch in a long time. And I’d like to be specific here. Normally, after a launch, we’ve seen about, in the last five years, about a 70 percent spike in our defects. The industry average is about 20 percent.”

Farley recently admitted that he regrets not tackling these quality issues sooner, but has since taken action to right the proverbial ship. Though he admits that it’ll take years to fully fix this problem, Farley also added that things have already begun to turn the corner, and now, even higher management bonuses are tied to such metrics.

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    That’s something to brag about ?
    That is piss poor engineering,parts quality and assembly. I was with Ford in ‘77 and I thought the Granada’s were junk. Typical Ford. Read the book A Savage Factory. It really highlights Fords approach to quality.

  2. Dwayne D

    I was at the Ford dealership this past week. The So called quality program for superduty’s is not working in my opinion. The trims don’t line up on any truck I saw. Looked terrible especially for these 80 to 90 thousand dollar trucks. Really disappointed.

    1. Tigger

      That’s what happens when you build vehicles that are complicated in a plant not designed for such volume. The smart thing for Ford would be to add another truck plant (e.g. Oakville), but they are too cheap to do that.

  3. keith

    Exactly why I’ll NEVER buy another Ford

  4. Randy

    Back in the 1970’s Ford’s TV advertisements were Built Ford tough and Quality is job one. So what happened to those two slogans since. I wish the Fords were built Toyota tough.

  5. Boomer

    Well, I had a FEW OLD FORDS, I’am Talking 1930’s up to 1939/40. Seem’s as tho those were Built Pretty damned good, Ya they didn’t have all this CRAP on em that we do now, But even Still for the Day and AGE, and the technology they had back then, They BUILT BETTER CAR’S / TRUCK’S. I suppose the One who had the BIG 3 Running Scared was Preston Tucker, and we all know what happened to Preston Tucker 👎. So Fast Forward some 94 YEARS, and here we are wondering why The BIG 3 wouldn’t follow Tuckers Lead??? Then in the early 1960’s here come’s the TOYOTAS and DATSUNS and HONDAS and Once Again the BIG 3 FAIL to make a Better Mouse Trap??? And so here we are now, Still trying to Figure out where we went wrong? What the Bigger Issue is panning out to be now Day’s is, You can serve a Mc Donalds Hamburger and get paid $20.00 an hour (To do absolutely NOTHING)!!! I worked there in 1964/65, & I got Paid TOP NOTCH and was making $1.35 Per Hour and my Rent was $125.00 a Month we had one Kid and were still going to High School. This whole thing is Outta Control! When ya get Paid $25/35 Per Hour to Bust your Ass putting Cars together all day long, and your Rent is $2500/$3000 +++, Ya it Makes ya wonder what the heck gives here???? However, If you’re NOT HAPPY, Then go find something else to do that makes you Happy.

  6. Bob Dobson

    How does that compute?…..we normally would have had 12 recalls by the 3 month mark after launch? How is that something to brag about?….Ford has huge QC issues across all models and getting parts for those recalls is almost impossible. The Ford Rear View Camera recall was almost 18 months long and part literally trickled out. Sorry Jim but the other OEM including the big three have no where near your QC issues. As a 6 time Explorer owner Im buying elsewhere this next year.

  7. Richard

    Why are most of you reading Ford Authority if you hate Ford so much you sound like a bunch of whining bit-hes.

  8. CWJ

    the major problems are design issues….Ecoboost engines with direct injection and trubos…10 speed automatic transmissions….Transit rear end issues the have plagued it since 2015 launch…it not just launch they need to when the barely get out of warranty..

  9. Estewart

    Richard April 26, 2024 at 10:40 PM
    Why are most of you reading Ford Authority if you hate Ford so much you sound like a bunch of whining bit-hes.
    What everyone is saying is, “it’s about time”. Folks have bought and spent a lot of time and money fixing issues that was a direct result of quality control.
    These people are Ford fans but Ford has caused them to loss confidence in the manufacture.
    They purchased the vehicle because they believed in the brand!
    They need to make quality control a priority! I own a Ford and honestly, probably won’t buy another one….
    I’m not a guy who trades a vehicle every 3 years and it’s apparent, other manufacturers are eating their lunch right now!


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