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2024 Ford F-150 Super Max Debuts As Ultra-Functional Pickup

There was a time, decades ago, when trucks were used for one purpose and one purpose only – to work. People bought trucks to haul things around and tow heavy loads, then hopped in their cars or wagons to take the family to town on the weekend, and this trend persisted for quite a long time. However, in recent years, trucks have focused more on passenger space and luxurious features at the expense of sheer utility, which has drawn the ire of many fans who clamor for the good old days, when trucks were, well, trucks. Now, The Blue Oval is catering specifically to those folks with this – the brand new 2024 Ford F-150 Super Max.

In a time when it’s hard to find a regular cab, long bed pickup of any kind – the configuration that used to be the most popular of them all – the 2024 Ford F-150 Super Max aims to break with this trend and instead take us back to the days when we could fit just about anything in our pickup beds – whether that be sheets of plywood or an entire tiny home. Offered exclusively in regular cab configuration, it also guarantees that owners with big families or lots of friends needing a ride somewhere have a solid built-in excuse to leave them behind, too.

That’s because the 2024 Ford F-150 Super Max is designed to offer up class-leading capability in terms of its insanely long 14-foot bed, which is by far the longest in its class – and it also makes the tiny 5.5-foot beds present on SuperCrew pickups seem, well, a bit inadequate by comparison. Owners of the new Super Max model can take solace in the fact that when they’re driving around town – completing work-related tasks, of course, and absolutely nothing else, as Henry Ford intended – they’ll be turning heads everywhere they go, too.

Aside from taking up two parking spots, there aren’t too many downsides to the new 2024 Ford F-150 Super Max, which will be sold in base XL form only – this is a work truck, after all – aside from its lack of amenities, though one could also argue that real truck owners don’t need silly things like air conditioning, power steering, disc brakes, or automatic transmissions. The new Super Max is so revolutionary, in fact, that Ford expects it to quickly become the best-selling model in the current F-150 lineup – even if it won’t be offered as a convertible.

“As soon as we revealed the 2024 Ford F-150 last year, millions of truck buyers reached out saying they’d like the see a versatile regular cab pickup rich with features and capability, so here we are,” said Ford CEO Tim Barley. “With this configuration, we expect to account for 90 percent of the segment’s sales within the next six months.”

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  1. Mark

    April fools day comes but once a year… Thankfully.

  2. kevin rea

    thank you ford authority, look forward to this report all year long, give my regards to Ford boss Tim Barley..

  3. Smitty

    Or Darn! I was hopeful for ordering one wit a 20′ bed!!

  4. RDS

    If this is an April fools joke, I’ll remove my subscription to Ford Authority. I could use 2 of these in my business.

  5. Dave Smith

    I knew it was a joke. But seriously, Ford should look at the Toyota IMV0 becoming avalable in 3rd world countries. Ford should build us something simular for the USA. A no frills truck for around $10,000.00. I would be willing to bet they would sell a lot of them.

  6. Todd

    You fooled me . It wasn’t until skimming over it for the third time that I noticed the last paragraph . lol I was also wondering why 14’ . Wouldn’t 12’ be enough . I currently own the f150 extended cab 8’ bed . I’m a hands on home builder , remodeler , carpenter .

  7. CFS

    This should be true, but probably an 8 foot bed would be adequate.

  8. Ray

    It should not be a joke. Cut the bed down to 8.8 feet and order me one!

  9. Smokin Joe

    I read the whole article with high hopes. Well played sir well played. 😄

  10. mary

    except for the 14ft bed i love it!!!

  11. Tom

    You think April Fool’s day is for breaking hearts? Because you broke my heart. Yoooooouuuuu brooookeee myyyyyyy heaaaart!

  12. Smitty


  13. Julian Digby Bottin

    Why are all the April Fools cars my favorite? Like the Maverick convertible…..and now this…..guess I am a joke or something.

  14. Gregg

    Unfortunately Ford has discontinued the super cab 8’ bed. There’s no way they are going to build the April fools truck.

  15. Richard Raer

    Gimme 6 doors and a 2 ft bed

  16. Paul Cazabon

    Give me back the regular cab 8 foot bed pickup. I see those 4 door pickups all the time with one person in them. I don’t get it

  17. truth speaker

    who remembers the chevy longfoot?

  18. Rick

    That would be a joy to park!

  19. rangerdanger

    Gimme 6 doors and a 2ft bed

  20. erock92

    Ford Authority pissed off the 1,000 of you that actually want/need a Scab long bed truck. Hilarious!

  21. MarkT

    Would make a great Blackwood with side door entry and fold up seats

  22. Reply
    1. Mindbreaker

      That would sell here.

  23. David

    I really wish that Ford would build an 8′ bed F150 again.

  24. Boomer

    Reminds me of the Old Chevy’s with the 10 foot Bed’s back in the 1950’s. 14 FEET, Dang, Now that’s L O N G!!!

  25. Moe Smith

    Okay, you got us, good. Now make it up to us by making a crewcab with 9 foot bed, rubber floor w/bailplugs, and 351ci w/3barrel carburetor, dualpoint ignition no diodes/ sensors. Nothing much, barebones!!

  26. Thad

    Oh sir you got me! Man I have owned 26 Ford trucks throughout the years and I am so sick and tired of these half beds. The amount of straps that I’ve had to buy. I would just take a regular cab 8 foot bed. I was just imagining how many trucks scrappers would buy to pick up trash alongside the road and what versatility of 14 ft bed would have. Oh my goodness. Just give me the basic model with the 8 to 10 ft bed and I’ll be good. Four wheel drive to get through the dump.

  27. Tommy

    Oh dang, thought that was gonna be ‘Maters’ cousin from stupidville, shoooot you could put a boat on the back of ‘at 14 footer.

  28. Mike

    This was funny, y’all should check out the c-10 longfoot from the 70’s it had a 12′ bed


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