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2024 Ford Mustang Largely Ditches No-Cost Paint Options

Back in January, the 2024 Ford Mustang GT and Dark Horse received a somewhat small price increase of $215, though the automaker did note that select shoppers would receive price protection if they ordered one prior to December 14th, 2023. However, while the S650 generation pony car has stayed put in terms of pricing since then, it seems as if consumers will be paying more in other ways – specifically, for their paint color of choice – according to a dealer bulletin recently seen by CarsDirect.

That bulletin notes that earlier this week, FoMoCo increased the cost of select paint colors for the 2024 Ford Mustang, though interestingly, this applies to hues that previously didn’t cost extra to select. The list includes Race Red, Atlas Blue, Grabber Blue, Vapor Blue, and Blue Ember, each of which now cost an additional $295, and Dark Matter Gray, which has become a $495 option.

This change also doesn’t leave 2024 Ford Mustang customers with many choices in terms of “free” exterior color options, either – a list that includes Carbonized Gray Metallic, Oxford White, Shadow Black, and Iconic Silver Metallic. These prices have already been updated in the pony car’s official build and price configurator, too.

This change also reflects a larger trend that has been slowly taking over the automotive industry, as a whole. Many automakers charge more for paint colors that aren’t the typical white, black, or gray shades, and others have done so for years. However, in the past, this trend was largely limited to fancier colors or those applied to pricier models such as high-end sports cars and exotics – not something like the Mustang. If this trend does indeed stick, it could very well spread to other models in The Blue Oval lineup, too.

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  1. FloridaDude

    You pay more for their garbage paint jobs, nice.

  2. Richard Rassh

    Better than tesla

  3. Dick Rozum

    I wouldn’t mind paying extra for a color if they are indeed colors instead of white, black or gray. I am sick of white, black and gray, we need more variety.

  4. Stephen Eblet

    Do we receive a discount if it’s not painted?

  5. Ronald Keith

    Fords greed will be their downfall reducing options or combining what you want with other options you don’t want then over charging for everything. Ford was once a great car company that built cars people wanted.

  6. Randy

    Ford’s next step will be back to the future, “You can have any color as long as its black.”

  7. Randy

    All these muddled gray/blue dull crud colors are going to really date these vehicles.

  8. Randy

    Fire Mist Red, Vista Blue, Blaze Yellow, Competition Orange, Bullet Green, Black, White, Silver. Mustangs deserve classic colors options.

  9. Randy

    I highly doubt that color choices are expensive to offer. Its all computer controlled. I’ve been to the truck plant. Robots do the painting. The trucks aren’t painted in batches of one color. Paint one yellow, the next one black, etc.

  10. Randy

    Limiting the color choice may save some money by I doubt it is significant.

  11. Randy

    Part of the problem is the consumer. Most vehicles are bought off the lot, not ordered. Dealer can usually move black, white, silver and gray vehicles. A bright color can be a deal breaker for some buyers. I really like this car (bright yellow) but do you have it in a different color?

    1. The Retired Viking

      And, I WANT colors. I don’t want silver or black, and it better be a white that really pops or I’m not interested. Then again I’m an old man and not up with the trends.


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