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2024 Ford Ranger Outnumbers Bronco SUVs At MAP Lot: Photos

Following the arrival of the all-new Ford Ranger in several international markets, the redesigned pickup debuted for North America way back in May 2023. At that time, The Blue Oval stated that the 2024 Ford Ranger was scheduled to launch in the U.S. last summer – at least models equipped with the 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost, with variants packing the 2.7L V6 EcoBoost expected to follow suit in the fall. However, 2024 Ford Ranger deliveries didn’t begin until this March, and examples of the redesigned mid-sizer starting populating dealer lots just a few weeks ago. Regardless, judging by these photos that Ford Authority recently captured, the 2024 Ford Ranger still outnumbers the Ford Bronco in a parking lot adjacent to the Michigan Assembly plant, where both are built.

Production of the new Ranger has been underway at MAP for months now, but none were delivered until March, meaning that there were quite a few examples of the pickup piling up at the plant prior to that. In January, a grand total of 2,644 2024 Ford Ranger pickups were built at MAP, which represented an increase of 2,242 units, or 558 percent, compared to December 2023. That number grew to 2,871 units in February – an increase of 227 units, or around 8.6 percent. However, things really ramped up in March, as Ford built a total of 6,707 Ranger pickups last month – which represents a significant increase of 3,836 units or 134 percent.

By comparison, Ford Bronco production declined to 12,143 units in January, which was a decrease of 1,199 units, or just a touch less than nine percent. That number did improve by 516 units or just over four percent in February, closing out the month at 12,659 units, though things took a drastic downward turn in March, as Bronco production totaled 9,833 units – a decrease of 2,826 units, or around 22 percent.

In recent weeks, Ford has launched a number of incentives for the Bronco as inventory builds, including conquest deals for Subaru owners in Seattle and Jeep customers across the U.S., a dealer stair-step program, the first lease offer for the sixth-gen SUV, a $1,000 rebate in select markets, and military/college student discounts as well, all while making the Bronco eligible for X-Plan pricing, to boot. Additionally, the Ford Bronco Raptor was just treated to a special targeted incentive as well – signaling that MAP output may favor the Ranger moving forward, depending on how or if demand shifts.

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  1. John Lanz

    If there are so many rangers on the lot at map why is my order nearly a year old?

  2. hottoddy

    stopped at 2 Ford stores yesterday and each had one sold Ranger Raptor on the lot with promises of more inventory to come with eager salesmen ready for me to place my order sight unseen. I explained to them the 2.7 L motor isn’t currently available on Ford’s “build and price” tool on their website they they seemed somewhat suprised. Hurry up and wait


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