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2024 Lincoln Continental Coach And Town Car Edition Revealed

Lincoln currently offers a slate of extremely modern and posh utility vehicles, with the vast majority of the lineup having been updated within the last year. But many Lincoln buyers yearn for more traditional products that harken back to the glory days of the Versailles or the Town Car, among other vehicles. To that end, Lincoln has received millions of letters from would-be buyers clamoring for truly vintage heritage products. And now, the luxury brand has delivered in the form of the Lincoln Continental Coach And Town Car Edition.

Traditional, elegant styling is a central pillar to what makes the Lincoln Continental Coach And Town Car Edition a modern heritage vehicle, with a landau-style roof acting as the visual leader for the sedan. Lincoln developed a proprietary material that looks and feels like vinyl but is synthetic and designed to withstand fading or light damage. Buyers can choose from White Platinum Tri-Coat or Midnight Black roofs, with more colors to follow should the special edition vehicle resonate with luxury shoppers. To supplement the roof, chrome wheels mounted on white wall tires will add to the traditional aesthetic of the vehicle, along with skirted wheel arches. Inside, velour bench seats are standard.

And since Lincoln vehicles commonly featured large V8 engines during their heyday, the Lincoln Continental Coach And Town Car Edition is equipped with a supercharged 5.2L V8 engine, good for 760 horsepower, mated to a specially tuned 10-speed automatic. Performance will mimic the land yachts of their day – so expect a 0-60 second time of around 10 seconds, to better remind buyers of a time when large displacement engines didn’t exactly offer true speed. Instead, the Town Car is tuned for an extremely soft ride – arguably the most desirable aspect of Lincoln’s past products. The Lincoln Drive Mode has been modified to include “Ultra-Soft,” designed to soften the suspension to the point where the sedan will slightly bounce off road imperfections. Additionally, steering will loosen up considerably and slacken, so on-center steering is diminished and effort dampened. Elsewhere, the Piano Key Shifter has been jettisoned in favor of a column-mounted shifter.

2024 Lincoln Continental Coach and Town Car Edition 2024 April Fools Day

“To be honest, we’re not really sure the Lincoln Continental Coach And Town Car Edition will be a hit,” said a Lincoln spokesperson, who did not wish to be named. “Those millions of letters came from a warehouse outside East Rutherford, New Jersey and we’re pretty sure they were written by AI, ” they added. “However, we are confident that buyers with large pockets will see this as a gag vehicle of sorts, which will in turn boost its visibility. Then, social media will work its magic and influencers of all types will flock to it, with some attempting to immediately flip them on sites like Bring a Trailer and Cars and Bids. Hype will only build from there, and at the end of the day we’ll have a vehicle even more profitable than the standard Navigator, which is really saying something.”

Pricing for the Lincoln Continental Coach And Town Car Edition will start at an even $100,000 before options. Based on pre-orders, Lincoln may extend the model to its entire lineup. It will be produced at Flat Rock Assembly, which is where Lincoln previously built the sedan.

Happy 2024 April Fools’ day dear readers!

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. John

    Man, the sad thing is, this looks better than most of today’s vehicles. And I’m not a fan of this old styling, lol.

  2. Lurch

    You laugh, but some of us actually want sedans! That synthetic vinyl is the bomb!


    I hate you people… I would have bought 10 towncars.

  4. Brian

    Nice product joke Ford, but the joke is the management team that decided we no longer wanted sedans. Killed that Fusion when it was only selling 150-200K per year. Bad decision.
    Perhaps if your marketing research was done more thoughtfully, you might have discovered that some people still want a sedan.

  5. Joe Horenkamp

    We want our ICE Lincolns. Can’t believe Ford is taking Lincolns to all EV. Who wants these cars? I don’t want to have to buy a Toyota car…

  6. AladdinSane

    You so funny…hahaha…NOT!

  7. DJ Marquez

    Ford Honchos: BRING BACK SINGLE-CAB RANGER, SHORT-BED, EDGE EDITION, MANUAL or AUTO, HOT 6CYL… ie, 2004! Easy to park, Home Depot Runs, Basic Operation, Gas, FUN…

  8. Fl rob

    If you look up recent Lincoln town and country sales for lower mileage sale less than 40,000 miles you might spill your coffee. We want what luxury used to stand for. Large comfortable cars that do not require. 3 credit college level tech class to operate. They don’t even have to have 700 hp , but we won’t et if it does. We want classy comfortable cars that are easy to drive. Modern steering is nice but road feel is way overrated as you age.

  9. ArtG

    Wasn’t April Fool’s day yesterday?

  10. wayne guess

    lose the fender skirts , terrible

    1. RICKY

      Ugly cars don’t sell!

  11. David A Crossman

    I A

  12. philip tilley

    I personally think the 1990-1996 Town Car is the best, make a lovely Wagon.

  13. Gen-x

    Lincoln will never succeed if they don’t understand who their customers are. The demo who bought Lincolns is dead and dying. Gen X is now the target demo and they don’t want “your Grandfather’s Lincoln”. They want sporty and luxury. Think the Mark 8. Do what Caddy did and change the public perception of what you are and start making luxury vehicles with sharp sporty lines.

    1. GrantR

      Build LS, Continental and Mark 9 off Mustang S650 platform is a good start

  14. Jihn

    Another part of “Farley’s Folly “. Abandon all sedans while the Asian carmakers clean up on sedans. Let Ford continue to pileup trucks everywhere. Real smart Jim!

  15. RICKY

    This has to be an April Fools Joke, that’s the ugliest car I’ve ever seen, please tell me it isn’t so. Please just bring back the 2020 Continental, just like it was. Also, please do us all a favor and bring back the MKZ and Ford Fusion, hot selling cars. Oh and by the way forget white wall tires.

  16. kevin rea

    “looks and feels like vinyl, but is synthetic” priceless! thank you ford authority.


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