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2024 Lincoln Nautilus Among Wards 10 Best Interior Winners

The all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus debuted just over one year ago, and began shipping to dealers last month. Thus far, the redesigned luxury crossover has received mostly positive feedback, and now, that list is growing to include a rather prestigious honor – a spot on WardsAuto’s 10 Best Interior & UX winners list for 2024, joining a host of other Blue Oval models that have achieved that same mark in recent years – a list that includes the Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup, the Ford Maverick, the Ford F-150 Limited, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

As is usually the case, this year’s list of the WardsAuto 10 Best Interior & UX winners all have plenty of nifty features to offer consumers, including decorative trim, giant screens, and excellent user experiences in terms of tech features. The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus impressed judges in a number of other ways as well, a big part of which stems from its 48-inch panoramic display and the new Lincoln Digital Experience software.

In addition to those features, the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus also includes niceties such as new ambient lighting, a crystal-inspired volume control knob, a piano key shifter, Lincoln Digital Scent, and the new Redwood Lincoln Black Label interior theme -which “mimics the warmth and beauty of the redwood forest with a tree-inspired motif,” according to the luxury brand.

“From the moment you enter, when the Nautilus’ sweeping pillar-to-pillar screen comes to life, it’s obvious this is unlike any other production vehicle you’ve ever seen,” said WardsAuto judge David Zoia. “But it doesn’t stop there. A gorgeous color scheme, top-notch materials and well-thought-out features make the Nautilus the complete package – and a Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX winner.” “The Lincoln Nautilus is literally on the leading edge of vehicle cockpit design. Its impressive pillar-to-pillar screen is pushed far forward on the instrument panel so all necessary information can be seen without taking eyes off the road,” added fellow judge Drew Winter.

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  1. Brandon

    Why can’t Ford make an Edge version so Ford dealers will not be left with a HUGE hole in the line up

    1. Tigger

      Because it would make too much sense….

  2. ChiCom

    China can only build so many cars in a year.

    1. Joe

      China builds the Edge L and can export them if Ford wanted to.

  3. Sid Gold

    I wanted the 2024 Nautulis BUT WILL NOT BUY a car built in China !!!!!~
    I am a shareholder in F and like the stock but China !!~!~!

    1. Hafcanadian

      You got it, Sid. I too was hoping to get a new Nautilus, particularly because it is one of the annually fewer cars towable “4 down” behind our diesel coach, like our long-lasting ‘97 Explorer Limited. But Ford’s moving the build from Ontario to China really angered me. Then I discovered the already inflation-fouled insurance premiums would be nearly doubled; a safer vehicle perhaps, but its repair cost apparently boosts insurance companies’ risk, well offsetting safety value.
      Seems like manufacturers would benefit from increased sales by pressing against insurance companies to get back to affordable rates.
      That aside, too many of us have grown used to everything made in China, and the Made-in-America revolution petering out. Despite the military global threat our dollars and corporate greed over 50+ years have created, Ford still is more profit driven then patriot driven.

    2. Glenn53


  4. MarkR

    How about bringing the China Zephyr here? Lincoln needs all the help they can get.

  5. Johnnie F

    Good to hear they are starting to hit the Dealer’s lots. That’s pretty good if they started being built in China in December 2023, I heard. So, if that is true. All I know is I am a ready Freddie here. Waiting to get my hands on that flat top steering wheel. And I chose a color that is sure to draw some eyeballs. My husband controlled the choices of what’s going to be under the hood. I’m just interested in the huge display and the software I’m trying to learn abt before it gets here!

  6. Sarah slatz

    Software is abysmally buggy on this vehicle. The first major update can’t even be installed OTA and requires the dealer to do so. Sad that we are relying on Google to run all of these features in the vehicle now. Bring back Sync 4


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