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2025 Ford Mustang GTD Requires Hefty Deposit From Buyers

The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD debuted back in August 2023 as what The Blue Oval promises will be the most hardcore pony car to ever exist, a machine that is quite literally a street-legal race car. Thus far, The Blue Oval has faced tremendous demand for the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD, which may prompt it to extend the planned 2,000-unit production run of that particular model, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last October. Last month, Ford Authority also exclusively reported that the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD application window was set to open in Q2 of this year, and that process is now underway. However, perhaps unsurprisingly, those lucky enough to be approved will need to plunk down a hefty deposit for that privilege, according to a dealer bulletin seen by CarsDirect.

2025 Ford Mustang GTD side view

Those that are selected to purchase a 2025 Ford Mustang GTD will have to put down a deposit of at least 50 percent of the vehicle’s purchase price, in fact, and those that don’t will apparently risk giving up their privilege to do so. With Ford noting that the GTD is expected to start out somewhere around $325,000, that means forking over a rather significant $160k+ just to hold one’s place in line, before taking delivery of the new supercar.

Dealers will be asked to submit proof of deposit to the automaker as well. “If confirmation is not received, the order will not be submitted to plant and the customer’s build date may be reassigned and purchase eligibility forfeited,” the automaker wrote in its letter, adding, “proof of final payment is required before the vehicle can be shipped/delivered.”

2025 Ford Mustang GTD

Since this deposit is based on the “agreed upon price,” it’s quite possible that customers will need to put down an even larger deposit, depending on options and whether or not the selling dealer chooses to slap some sort of markup on top of the GTD’s MSRP. Regardless, given the model’s already-lofty price tag, it’s unclear if this will deter prospective buyers or not.

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  1. Mark B

    I could see the demand for the GTD far outpacing the Ford GT due to it’s “relatively” lower price and the provenance required to get in on the game. Owning one surely provides ultimate bragging rights, let alone one hell of a driving experience!

    1. truth speaker

      I thought demand could be less. the FGT attracts the supercar crowd where as the GTD attracts the mustang crowd. The mustang crowd might not have the deep pockets the FGT crowd does and I could see a lot of people backing out at the last if they get accepted.

  2. Rick Mitchell

    Really crazy money here.

  3. Tom

    Does Jay Leno have to leave a deposit?

  4. 05FordGT

    These reports by different automotive blogs mentioning a “markup” don’t realize or they just forget, the allocation belongs to the CUSTOMER. It’s their car to choose the dealer where they want to start the transaction.

    Just like the GT process, if a customer decides on a dealer, and that dealer decides to add a markup (to a car they don’t rightfully get to have without the customer choosing them) the customer can choose a different dealer, simple as that.

    And it’s to be said, the dealer will make a flat $15K on every GTD sale they do. And these sales are basically paperwork as for the most part, the cars will be delivered to clients homes (unless said dealer wants to do an event for the customer).

    And I’m pretty certain that there were ZERO markups on all of GT deliveries here in the US. Because if there was, it would have been reported on the GT Forum. So anyone bringing this topic up, it’s moot. 👍

  5. Grub

    It’s too bad that spoiler sticks out like a soar thumb. Other than that the body looks pretty good. I’m sure the interior looks pretty basic with giant flat rectangle t.v. screens that look after market add on…


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