Bill Ford Says Company Isn’t Forcing Anyone Into EVs

Over the past couple of years, few topics have spurred as much debate – and division – as all-electric vehicles. After announcing plans to invest heavily in EVs and build multiple new plants and models of that kind, Ford has recently backtracked in a big way following a decline in demand. In fact, FoMoCo just launched a new ad campaign dubbed “Freedom of Choice,” in which it touts the fact that Blue Oval customers can choose from traditional ICE models, hybrids, and EVs, and that’s a sentiment that company chairman Bill Ford recently reiterated in an interview with the Detroit Free Press.

“For some applications, it’ll be a long time, like you think of our Super Duty trucks,” Bill Ford said. “Those things would require enormous batteries and you know, and they still wouldn’t have the towing capability that a lot of the Super Duty drivers would demand. So that would probably be the last area of our fleet, and who knows what year that might happen. So this will be a gradual thing, we’re not shoving anything down anybody’s throat.”

While FoMoCo never committed to a drop-dead date for electrifying its entire North American lineup, the company has recently shifted gears in that regard. Shortly after revealing that it plans to focus on smaller, cheaper EVs moving forward, the automaker pushed back its planned production start dates for the North American three-row Ford Explorer EV and second-generation Ford F-150 EV, all while announcing plans to launch a $25k EV crossover in 2026.

In the short term, Ford also expects its hybrid sales to continue to grow for years to come, and is also adding an electrified powertrain option to the entire Blue lineup by 2030 – though that doesn’t include the Ford Super Duty, at least for now.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  • Just have to be careful not to run over your customer base on the way to new technologies. Better to run with them...

  • What a liar! Just look at some of the completely opposite things he said two years ago. Americans have successfully boycotted EVs and now he's pivoting. Americans are good at rejecting things that are forced on them. Just look at the Billions in EV cancelations and poor EV sales numbers, NY Times had an article just this week on how EVs are failing.

  • Nice try Farley, but we're on to your simplistic tactics. Consumer Reports recently rated EVs as less reliable than ICE vehicles.

  • Giving the consumer the choice is the best and only way to go. We have plenty of oil and natural gas so there is absolutely no rush to produce EV's and if people want an EV, great, buy one but for those who prefer ICE or hybrid or whatever else might come along that is profitable to manufacture, they should be available as a choice also. Good job Bill.

  • He's right. They're absolutely not forcing people into EVs. They tried, and failed.

    That said, I think phase 2 of that plan is make the EVs cheaper than the ICE cars. Can't make money on the EVa the government forces them to make, so they pass the cost along to the buyers of the stuff they can make money on.

  • No, but the Govt is forcing you to build EV'S and get rid of ICE vehicles. That's why you need to push back and fight the government/EPA and The Biden administration. Nobody wants EV'S and I mean nobody.

  • As a consumer and have my welfare as top priority, I don't want to buy anything that may catch on fire, leave me stranded on the road or wait in long lines for a charging station or worse yet have the station not work. Have you ever pulled up to a gas pump just to see it read, out of order? Remember how you felt? Finally, I want choices. It's supposed to be a free Country. Until it's not.. Not to mention handicapped people who can't always handle the hardware associated with plugging in something that big.

  • The reality is people will buy what suits their needs and budget, hence Ford is selling ICE, HYBRID and EV automobiles. I operate both ICE and EV as they both meet my needs and may replace my ICE vehicle with a HYBRID for reduced operating costs.

    • We bought a Ford C-Max Hybrid new in '13. You won't regret it. Herbie as he's named gives around 49 to 57 mpg around town, and around 42 to 47 mpg on the interstate ... now you have to learn how to drive a hybrid, slow starts, slow stops ... you can't drive it like you stole it and no speeding ! Plus ... learn where the greatest fuel economy lives in your drive train. 64 mph in a 65 zone gets us that 42 to 47 ... 53 mph on rural/country streets will see you get around 54 to 56 mpg ... no kidding. I just wished Ford hadn't stopped building the C-Max. Now consider this, a Escape PHEV hybrid, you use standard 110vt to charge it. The ESC/PHEV will run about 45 miles on the battery before the engine starts, then you're in std driving mode for a hybrid ... fuel economy, the people I trust report about 65 to 80 mpg if you're driving a commuter type for work (say 50 miles) ... around town anywhere from 75 to 88 miles per gallon. In closing ... gas is only going to go up ... my only mistake is not buying a C-Max PHEV in 2013.

      • Preach, brother. Exactly. Should continue Hybrid and then in the future when BEV is mature, make the move. Going Gas to BEV is dumb.

  • Ford is saying the right things the past few months. Methinks they will earn my money again soon.

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