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Bill Ford Says Congress Has Totally Different EV Viewpoints

More than one Ford executive has expressed their options on the topic of EVs and politics as of late, with CEO Jim Farley saying that all-electric vehicles have become a “political football,” while company chairman Bill Ford also added that EVs have become politicized as well. In a recent interview with the Detroit Free Press, Bill Ford once again played into that notion by noting that both sides of the political aisle have very different opinions when it comes to EVs, too.

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“So you know, I was just in Washington last week, and frankly, if you’re meeting with a Republican, the conversation goes, ‘why are you making these things? Because we just got energy indepedent as a country and China’s got the lead, and so you guys are going to use Chinese technology, so why would we want to do it?’ If you go see a Democrat, it’s ‘why aren’t you making more of them?, why can’t we do more to accelerate this? And what do you need from us to accelerate it?’ Two very different conversations. And the short answer is that’s fine on both sides, because we do have something for everybody. It’s all about customer choice.”

In this same interview, Bill Ford added that FoMoCo isn’t forcing customers to buy EVs, and instead, the automaker is taking more of a diversified approach when it comes to powertrains. That means delaying certain all-electric models while focusing on developing smaller, cheaper ones, as well as expanding its existing hybrid lineup, to boot.

As far as cheap Chinese EVs go, Bill Ford also previously noted that the company “isn’t ready” for the possibility that those models may reach American shores – sentiments echoed by several of his peers – and one that is also backed by a recent study that found most Americans are willing to buy those vehicles if they are indeed cheaper than U.S.-based alternatives.

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  1. Mf

    It has less to do with the side of the aisle and more to do with what they’re insider trading.

    1. John

      And whom Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street have “lobbied”.

  2. Tigger

    There was actually a time in this country when car companies- not politicians -were allowed to run their own companies.

  3. Dan

    Hey Bill, how does that BudLightEVs boycott feel about now? What about the recent Consumer Reports report that EVs are less reliable than ICE vehicles, or the latest NY Times article about failed EV sales. EVs have failed and the boycott will continue.

  4. Keith

    One side of the aisle has common sense.
    The other does not. Biden’s side of the aisle

  5. Boomer

    So Whom RUN’S The Car Companies you Might ASK. Well FOLKS…… It’s the Government, And I can say that with 100% accuracy!!!!! This is from Someone Who Work’s / Worked For GM for 45 YEARS. The GOVERNMENT Stipulates What the Car Manufacturers do, and when and How Much they Do of it!!!! Anyone with More or Close to 50% of the Market Share In Sales will be told to Throttle Back on Production, Or LAY PEOPLE OFF for a period of Time! If ya’ll don’t believe it??? Do a GOOGLE Search of, G.M. STRIKE GUTS 1965 AUTO OUTPUT; Ford and Chrysler Plants are On Overtime Basis. And Read that Article. It ain’t no Different “TODAY” !! I guarantee IT!!! G.M. Had 51% of the Market, and BIB BROTHER TOLD THEM, NOPE, ya gotta cut back on production, You have too MUCH MARKET SHARE Of the Vehicles Being Sold! STOP or you will be TOLD to Cease and de-sist!!! This is From a GM Employee of OVER 40 YEARS Under the BIG THREE’S Employ!!! It’s a Government Run Business!!!! Period…. “O” And that Ain’t me! I did my time elsewhere in the Electronic’s Industry For the Biggest Copier Company Back in the DAY. You can GUESS who that Is. They are Still in Business Today.

  6. Johnnie F

    The customer wants choices and the Government says oh no you don’t!
    There is a lot of smart people leaving comments. I enjoyed reading every one of them.

  7. JBbooky

    Bill Ford says, “It’s all about customer choice.” That’s a lie if the choices are dwindling because of gov’t regulatory mandates. What’s really sad is with people being acclimated to most things being made overseas, most americans will have no problem buying a Chinese made car if it’s less expensive.

  8. Louis Browne

    The copy co, u r talking about must be Xerox ® They were bailed out of hot debt thanks to GE, the new name became “Xerox Capital Services LLC” or XCS!! If it wasn’t for GE, Xerox would have gone belly up… Worked there during those tough times!!…

  9. Dr David

    Shame that it took Bill Ford and Ford Motor 10’s of billions of dollars and lost of consumer respect to find out what I learned in high school: Adam Smith and John Locke were correct.

  10. RacerRandy

    Come on Bill….the federal government is making the decisions, not the customer or the auto manufacturer. The EPA forces the manufacturers to meet the increasingly strict emission/fuel economy standards or face millions of dollars in fines. You need to boost your CAFE numbers, or pay the Feds. You’re not forcing the customer to buy an EV (at-least at this time) but the same thing can’t be said about the Federal Government.

    1. Bruce Holberg

      You are completely right. Manufacturers were forced into the EV thing by the CAFE standards, greens, and subsidies. This left Ford and the others short on ICE technology and hybrids (despite what they are advertising). If Ford wants to be serious about automotive “diversity” they’ll import the sedan from China and offer it and the Mustang with hybrid engines. And maybe AWD.

  11. Ford Owner

    According to the article, Republicans don’t want Ford to make EVs but will allow the Chinese EVs to be sold here. Is that a true American spirit? I buy and drive Fords because anyone buying an import is a trator!

    1. Tigger

      Trump promised to put a stop to Chinese cars being sold here through large tariffs

  12. Dave Mathers

    The politicians on both sides of the border are dreaming. We are just not ready for EVs. Get the infrastructure in place then maybe they might work but not right now.


    Ford recognizes that it is serving a diverse domestic market and that it must also compete with foreign automotive manufacturers as well as domestic and foreign EPA regulations. The government can either help or hinder that process and along with it the profitability of the domestic auto industry and it’s related high paying jobs.

  14. Robert P

    Yeah, it’s all based on a COMPLETE FRAUD and a complete WASTE of time and especially MONEY!!! FORD, you really got suckered into this by the DEMENTIA MAN and his pals of the World Economic Fraud and all the rest of the elistist scumbags!!!

  15. CWJ

    Ford needs to practice what they preach with Evs…and stop supporting California mandates…and in European countrys as well….plus cheerleading this EPA…with never ending cafe standards and greenhouse emmisions…,,which in a way is forcing us on evs….what is needed is stop these ever ending rules..roll back some…making ice cars cheaper and more reliable again is what consumers want….and not have all the never ending recalls….cars and trucks are not as reliable as they were in the 70s…now…they worse quality..

    1. Ralphie

      Mandate is the new Freedom country-wide.

  16. truth speaker

    stop drinking the kool aid and take the red pill. the car companies need to come together and tell the government to puck off.

  17. Sam

    The last two words that Bill said are the most important.


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