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Changes For NASCAR Ford Short Track Package On The Way

Fans and racers alike have taken issue with the NASCAR Next Gen short track package since the model was introduced at the beginning of the 2022 Cup Series season. Following the recent races at Bristol and Martinsville, concerns have reemerged. This has led the sanctioning body to consider modifications to the package with hopes of creating a better short track racing product, signaling changes are on the way for the NASCAR Ford race cars, according to a recent report from

“We, as NASCAR, want our short-track package to be better,” Elton Sawyer, NASCAR senior vice president of competition, said in an interview. “We want that racing to be at the level that superspeedways and our intermediate race tracks are today.”

Sawyer said that engineers are working on various changes to the short track package, including reducing the number of strakes on the rear diffuser. Working with Goodyear to produce a competitive short track tire has also been a priority, and while actual changes to the race car’s powertrain are on the table, it might prove to be cost prohibitive for manufacturers. Sawyer notes that increasing horsepower could be a possibility, but it’s not all that simple.

“I think it’s been well-documented on the engine side of it of why that’s not a lever that we can pull instantly,” Sawyer said. “It’s just not, when you work through all the dynamics… our fans and some sometimes even our folks within the industry will point to that, [but] that’s just not a lever that is easily pulled, and we have the data right in front of us.”

Growing pains for the NASCAR Ford teams seem particularly strong, considering that the all-new Mustang Dark Horse race car debuted at the start of the season without much testing. In particular, this race car has a redesigned front end that has less clearance than its competitors. While the Mustang Dark Horse has quite a few improvements that give it greater sideforce, it’s only evident at intermediate oval tracks, meaning the NASCAR Ford racers could benefit from a new short track package to keep them competitive in every arena.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Randy

    Oh No, don’t pull that lever!

  2. Randy

    I used to watch every race, haven’t watch a single race this year.

  3. Randy

    NASCAR has ruined the sport. Too expensive and the big sponsors have left.

  4. Randy

    The new car is too easily damaged, especially the rear suspension.

  5. Randy

    The single wheel nut and aluminum wheels are another mistake.

  6. Randy

    Rarely ever saw a wheel come off before the change.

  7. Randy

    If NASCAR had checked with Indy Car they would have seen that wheel loss with the single nut system is not unusual.


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