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Deputy Arrested After Racing His Ford Mustang: Video

Over the years, the Ford Mustang has developed a bit of an unsavory reputation, largely due to the fact that, well, not everyone that drives a pony car is capable of doing so in a safe manner. However, we’ve also seen our fair share of crimes involving Ford Mustang models that don’t have anything to do with the model’s performance – in fact, it wasn’t that long ago when someone used their pony car to haul off 65 Stanley Quencher tumblers from a store in Roseville, California. As it turns out, the desire to do illegal things in a Ford Mustang isn’t limited to mere citizens either, as a police officer in Texas was recently arrested for racing his on public roads, according to ABC 13 News.

Police Officer Caught Street Racing In Ford Mustang

The deputy constable from Harris County Precinct 4 in Texas – Christopher Ricardo Rojas – was reportedly participating in a local car show/meet that was perfectly legal, and one that attracted a fairly large crowd of around 200 people. Organizers even warned participants not to engage in reckless driving or other silly behavior, asking them not to perform donuts or burnouts, but rather, show a little respect for the property owners that allowed the event to take place.

However, as is often the case, a group of individuals didn’t take that advice, and rather, hit the freeway nearby for a little racing action with speeds exceeding 100 miles-per-hour. One of those individuals was in fact Rojas – who was driving his black Ford Mustang and racing a Chevy Camaro on the freeway – in full uniform, in fact.

Police caught wind of what was happening and eventually managed to track the group down, after which they detained Rojas and charged him with racing on a highway. The department is aware of the situation, but hasn’t yet commented on the matter, so it’s unclear how this might impact Rojas’ employment – but we imagine that such things are at least frowned upon, if nothing else.

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  1. Walter Thomas

    The world of people and laws are an interesting thing. I find it extremely silly to manufacture vehicles with high power, high stereo volume with speed limits and no loud music signs. That also goes for having parking lots at bars, as if the cars are there just to be parked after one enters a bar.


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