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Domestically Produced Ford Bronco Launches In China

Ford has faced quite a few challenges in the hyper-competitive market of China, which recently prompted the automaker to “reboot” its strategy there away from developing models specifically for Chinese customers to focus more on existing products – mostly, off-road-focused pickups and SUVs such as the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger. Both of those models won’t be terribly different from their U.S. counterparts, but they will be built locally by Jiangling Ford, a joint venture between FoMoCo and Jiangling Motors, and they’ll be sold in special stores called Ford Beyond. As Ford Authority reported last November, the Chinese Ford Bronco was set to launch this spring, and now, that’s precisely what has happened.

Ford Bronco China - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

In China, the Ford Bronco is available in seven different trim levels/configurations – Big Bend, Black Diamond, Black Diamond Sasquatch, Outer Banks, Outer Banks Sasquatch, Badlands, and Everglades, though the latter of which is limited to just 500 total units for that market. Otherwise, the Chinese Ford Bronco isn’t too terribly different from its U.S.-based counterpart, and it even comes equipped with the 12-inch infotainment screen as standard, just like the American version.

There are a few notable differences worth noting, however, as the Chinese Ford Bronco features a small “Ford” script located above the standard “Bronco” lettering in the center of the front grille, along with a “Bronco” badge spelled out underneath the Blue Oval badge in the rear, plus additional Mandarin letting on the opposite side of the tailgate. It will reportedly be offered exclusively with the turbocharged 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost engine, too.

Ford Bronco Ministry of Industry and Information Technology China - Exterior 003 - Rear

As far as pricing goes, the Chinese Ford Bronco is slated to start out at RMB 299,800 ($41,372 USD), reaching a high of RMB 438,800 ($60,554 USD) for the range-topping Everglades. The rugged SUV is available to order now.

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    Ford sure loves China!

    1. Capitalism

      If they buy it, then Ford should build it. It’s simple capitalism, which China is doing better than the US these days.

      All I see is the US is sower as China outperforms the US across the board.


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