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Flying Car Damages Ford F-150 Pickup: Video

Thanks to the prevalence of cameras in today’s society, we’re regularly treated to some pretty shocking footage – much of it pertaining to automobile accidents. This doesn’t just involve vehicles smashing into people or other cars, however, but rather, sometimes, we even see that aftermath of autos that flew off cliffs or even tumble through residential areas at high speeds. Recently, this particular piece of footage emerged showing the aftermath of a flying car that smashed into a residential garage and damaged a Ford F-150 pickup as well, in what amounts to the latest shocking clip of this type.

Flying Car Damages Ford F-150 Pickup

According to ABC News, this incident took place in Jurupa Valley, which is located in Southern California. The driver of the car in question was reportedly trying to make a turn down a street in a residential neighborhood, though clearly, they were traveling a bit too fast to get around that curve safely. Thus, instead, the car gets airborne and crashes into the garage of a house on the corner.

Making matters worse, the flying car doesn’t just do extensive damage to that house, but rather, it also bounces back and hits at least one of two Ford F-150 pickups that are sitting in the driveway, too. There were a pair of vehicles in the garage as well, and according to the news source, the flying car wound up damaging a total of four automobiles in addition to ripping off the garage door and tearing up part of the surrounding house.

The car wound up sitting on its side – also clearly suffering heavy damage in the process – but the driver was actually able to get out before paramedics arrived. Luckily, they only suffered mild to moderate injuries, as this particular incident could have resulted in something far worse.

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