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Ford Backed Group Says Public EV Charger Distribution Uneven

The topic of EV adoption – and how to speed up that process – has remained among the most hotly contested and controversial ones in the U.S. (and the entire globe, really) for some time now. Thus, it’s not terribly surprising that the Ford-backed lobby group Alliance for Automotive Innovation has been quick to speak out against proposed ICE bans, even though it also produces a lot of pertinent data related to EVs and what needs to happen for those types of vehicles to find a foothold in the marketplace. In its most recent Get Connected Electric Vehicle Report, the lobby group outlined why the existing public EV charger network is inadequate, and also, noted that the distribution of that same network is uneven, to boot.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Tesla Supercharger North American Charging Standard NACS Adapter - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

With the distinct lack of EV charger infrastructure remaining a big barrier standing in the way of growth in that segment – and prompting Ford to team up with Tesla to give its EV owners access to the expansive Supercharger network – the Alliance for Automotive Innovation isn’t just pointing out the obvious here, which is that current infrastructure is lacking, but also, it notes that existing chargers are heavily concentrated in select areas as well.

In fact, out of the 3,100+ counties in the U.S., a whopping 983 – or 31 percent – had zero public charging ports at the conclusion of 2023, which is down slightly from 39 percent in 2022. A total of 90 counties just installed their first public charger last year, and one-third of all available such units in the U.S. are located within the top 25 counties right now.

Additionally, even though there were 33,023 new public EV charger locations installed in 2023, 12 percent of U.S. counties didn’t add a single one, and 40 percent added 10 or fewer. Meanwhile, a third of all those new charging ports were added in one percent of all U.S. counties, and 20 percent of those ports were installed in California alone.

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  1. Bill Kircher

    Rural areas have limited growth and revenue to justify such investiments.

    1. Sam

      Investment in EVs can’t be justified at all. The Nationwide boycott has basically ended EVs. Americans are good at boycotts.

  2. Dave

    Tell that to the idiot politicians that are pushing the EV takeover so hard. We can’t continue to put the cart before the horse. Building the infrastructure will take years of planning and construction, and even more money.

  3. Boomer

    Well, Just follow California’s Lead…….. They will show ya all how to do it I’am certain, and if ya have any Questions???? Just call Gavin Nussilini, He’ll have a Great answer for y’all even if it’s a LIE he will tell ya anyway. Or Just talk to JOEY, Or Camel Toe Harris, or good old Pete BOOT A JUDGE, This EV Stuff is Too Much Too Soon folks, and the Folks in the Mid States could basically give a RIP about an EV to Run their Business’s on. Not gonna happen anytime soon. Far as Charging Stations and the Uneven Distribution, “O” Well, BILL hit that NAIL right square on the Head, Rural areas don’t have the Growth, Revenue, nor the need to Build this JUNK that won’t be used to any extent!!! It’ll sit and ROT in the Lousy Climate (s). What we should be doing is FIXING the Issues that we do have now with the Quality and high cost’s to Live anywhere in the USA now. It’s ridiculous!

    1. TIMOTHY

      It is no surprise that car manufactures and political leaders will bend towards California’s desire to adopt EVs. As the the worlds 5th largest global economy California’s financial clout is unsurpassed by any other state. I do not expect anything to change in the near future. California is committed to the green energy future.

  4. Sam

    Don’t use our tax dollars to install more. EVs have failed like no other. Americans have boycotted EVs.

  5. Mf

    That’s not surprising considering how uneven EV purchase distribution is.

    EVs work for some areas and not others. Nothing ground breaking here. It doesn’t make sense to pay for chargers for areas that they don’t make sense in.

  6. Menzo

    Public charging stations will continue to fail until electricity production and the grid are upgraded to keep pace. Many public charging stations require as much electricity per hour as the average single family home uses in a year inorder to charge vehicles in under an hour.


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