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Ford Backed Mobility Group Says EU Needs More EV Chargers

The sheer lack of EV chargers has long been a concern of governments and automakers seeking broader all-electric vehicle adoption across the globe, with numerous studies and lobby groups confirming that particular fact. Though Ford is working to rectify this issue by teaming up with a number of third-party EV charging providers, data continues to roll in that proves the current trajectory of infrastructure is severely lacking. The latest comes to us from the Ford-backed mobility group European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), which just released a new study pertaining to the state of EV charging infrastructure.

European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) Charging Points Deployment VS EV Sales Europe

This new study found that EV sales grew a whopping three times faster than charger installation between 2017 and 2023, meaning that looking forward, Europe needs to install around eight times more charging points annually by 2030 to meet future demand. Last year, the European Union gained 150,000 new charge points, bringing its total to 630,000, but the European Commission estimates that 3.5 million will be needed by 2030 based on current projections.

This means that as of now, the EU would need to install 410,000 new chargers each year to meet that goal. However, ACEA’s own research determine that even more EV chargers – 8.8 million – will be needed by 2030, which would require the installation of 1.2 million units each year between now and that particular date.

“We need mass-market adoption of electric cars in all EU countries to achieve Europe’s ambitious CO2-reduction targets. This will not happen without widespread availability of public charging infrastructure right across the region,” said ACEA’s Director General, Sigrid de Vries. “We are very concerned that infrastructure rollout has not kept pace with battery-electric car sales in recent years. What is more, this ‘infrastructure gap’ risks widening in the future – to a much greater extent than European Commission estimates.”

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