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Ford Bronco DR Heads To Its First Competitive Event In Baja

The Ford Bronco Ultra4 racers have enjoyed their fair share of success at King of the Hammers since their debut at that rugged off-road race back in 2021, racking up multiple wins and podium finishes. However, there’s another racing version of the off-road-focused SUV set to hit the dirt and rocks soon – the V8-powered Ford Bronco DR, which debuted back in November 2021 and features some similarities with its road-going brethren, but is otherwise a full-blown racing rig. Now, the Ford Bronco DR is set to take on its biggest challenge to date – the Norra Mexican 1000 Rally, which kicks off tomorrow and runs through May 4th.

This event will mark the first trip to Baja, Mexico for the Ford Bronco DR, as well as its very first time competing in any off-road race in an official capacity. However, off-road racing legend Brad Lovell will be behind the wheel to make that debut a bit more promising, though he’ll have to tackle over 1,000 miles the toughest terrain on earth in the Baja California Peninsula that isn’t terribly different from the iconic Baja 1000.

Unlike Baja, however, the Norra Mexican 1000 is less of a sprint to the finish line and more of a test of endurance, with different stretches set for each of the six days the race spans. Regardless, even though the Ford Bronco DR is wholly untested in this or any similar format, hopes are high – particularly given Novell’s incredible depth of experience here – and pretty much in every other off-road race on the planet.

“Brad Lovell is a true legend in the world of off-road racing, and we’re honored he will be the first on the trails with a DR,” said Mark Rushbrook, Global Director of Ford Performance Motorsports. “The Ford Bronco DR is the epitome of our Built Wild mindset, and Brad’s experience and skill make him the perfect driver to showcase its capabilities. We hope it’s the first of many DRs to hit the dust.”

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