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Ford Bronco Production Dropped Substantially In March 2024

After getting off to a red hot start that saw demand far exceed supply for the better part of three years, Ford Bronco sales tapered off considerably in Q1 2024, declining by just a hair under 26 percent versus the first quarter of 2023. Inventory has been growing as well, prompting Ford to introduce stair-step incentives designed to motivate dealers to sell more Broncos, but now, it seems as if production of the rugged SUV may be getting trimmed back somewhat as well, according to Ford’s Q1 2024 sales report.

In December 2023, Ford Bronco production at the Michigan Assembly plant reached 13,342 units, which represented a 23.8 percent increase versus November. However, in January, Ford Bronco production declined to 12,143 units, which was a decrease of 1,199 units, or just a touch less than nine percent. That number did improve by 516 units or just over four percent in February, closing out last month at 12,659 units, though things took a drastic downward turn in March.

Last month, Ford Bronco production totaled 9,833 units – which is a decrease of 2,826 units, or around 22 percent. This rather notable drop could very well be attributed to declining sales and increasing inventory, but there’s also another possible reason for this change – Ford Ranger production really ramped up at MAP last month as well, leading up to the official launch of that redesigned 2024 model in the U.S.

In January, a grand total of 2,644 2024 Ranger pickups were built at MAP, which represented an increase of 2,242 units, or 558 percent, compared to December 2023. That number grew to 2,871 units in February – an increase of 227 units, or around 8.6 percent. However, things really ramped up in March, as Ford built a total of 6,707 Ranger pickups last month – which represents a significant increase of 3,836 units or 134 percent.

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  1. ray

    Are they blowing up the 10 speed trans in thos too ?

    1. Mr. No Union

      You made 4 post in 3 minutes. You’re blowing up your keyboard for sure.

  2. ray

    Ford won’t recall it anyway, so just stop buying them

  3. ray

    What about cam phasers, they go out all the time too … expensive repair

  4. ray

    approx $ 7500.000 for the 10 speed

    1. Mr. No Union

      I’m on my 3rd 10 speed. First two 100k and 125k and current one @ 40k. You care to elaborate?

  5. Howard

    New Broncos are ugly. Should make them like they use to

  6. Dave

    Well, if the “Plan-demic” taught us anything, it’s that low supply = huge profits and price gouging.

  7. Jeff Cares

    Because you let dealerships pike us in the eyes. No different than what the govt does with commerce. They let them charge us whatever for merch and goods as long as they get their taxes. WE should start suing Car makers for advertising a price and we never get it at that price due to dealerships not being penalized for reselling something for more than they paid you for it and you’re the freaking manufacturer lol Aside from yall not getting a cut you allow it.

  8. Jeff Cares

    We the people are tired of you car manufacturers just washing your hands and not giving a flying flip what we go through for just for wanting a vehicle you made. I think it’s time you do something to show you care

  9. jerome griep

    when can I put a order in for a ranger with the 2.7 v6 in it

  10. Gerald Wilson

    I bought mine online on fordmotorscompany97@ Bronco are really incredible, I love mine each and everyday


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