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Ford E-Transit Added To Ford Drive Service In UK

The Ford E-Transit has thus far proven to be a smash hit in the multiple global markets the EV van is on sale, and for good reason – commercial fleet operators are quickly discovering that it offers them a significant reduction in terms of operating costs compared to ICE models. Ford Pro also offers those same customers a full suite of connected vehicle services and digital tools to help them manage their fleets, too. In recent years, retail customers have been able to take advantage of more flexible ownership programs such as Ford Go and Ford Drive, and now, the Ford E-Transit has been added to the list of vehicles qualifying for the latter in the UK.

Ford E-Transit Ford Drive UK - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

Ford E-Transit customers in the UK can now take advantage of Ford Drive, which gives them the option to subscribe to that particular model rather than leasing or buying it. This gives fleets more flexibility, as they’re able to add to their stable when desired, and it also provides those same customers with the ability to test out fully-electric models without having to commit to actually purchasing them.

The other benefit of Ford Drive is that one monthly payment covers many of the ownership costs associated with a vehicle – not only renting the Ford E-Transit itself, but also, paying for things like service, maintenance, repairs, and even tires, while mobile service adds even more of a convenience factor. Terms start at just one month and can be carried indefinitely, while customers only have to provide two weeks notice if they wish to cancel, and no down payment is required, either.

Ford E-Transit Ford Drive UK - Exterior 003 - Side Rear

“For many businesses there are a unique mix of challenges that need to be resolved before they can be confident that an EV is a good investment for their business,” said Richard Balch, director, Ford Drive UK. “Ford Drive gives a simple way for them to effectively try before they buy. At the same point, the flexibility and services included in our subscription model also make for a compelling longer-term proposition as some customers are already finding out.”

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