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Ford Edge Production Dropped Slightly In March 2024

Over the last few months of 2023, Ford Edge production at the Oakville Assembly plant experienced some ups and downs, reaching a high of 15,364 units in October before holding steady in November and falling significantly in December, all the way down to 7,974 units. However, as production of the Ford Edge nears the end of the proverbial line – quite literally, as the crossover is slated to be discontinued soon – that number did increase in January and February before dropping somewhat in March, according to FoMoCo’s Q1 2024 sales report.

In January, Ford Edge production at the Oakville plant came in at 9,452 units, which was 18.5 percent or 1,478 units more than December. However, things really took off in February, as Ford built a total of 15,167 units, which is a month-over-month increase of 5,715 or a little over 60 percent and one of its best results in some time. Now that March is in the rear-view – the last full month of Ford Edge production at Oakville closed things out by building 15,073 units, which is a mere 94 units or 0.6 percent fewer than February.

Regardless, Ford Edge production is now slated to come to an end on April 26th, as Ford Authority reported earlier this year, though as always, that date is subject to change. However, the automaker recently stated that it “did extensive study into the possibility of extending” Edge production at Oakville following its decision to delay production of the North American Ford Explorer EV at the same facility from 2025 to 2027.

Ultimately, Ford determined that this wasn’t feasible due to “supply case constraints and emissions requirements,” and will instead move forward with its plans to retool the Oakville plant for the production of EVs starting in Q2 of this year, following the conclusion of Edge production there.

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  1. BDMull

    Maybe Ford should just start building the new Edge and Nautilus there and forget EV Explorers and Aviators.

  2. Teekay

    BDmull, Agreed, but Ford wants to build in China not Canada. No more Fords for this Canuck! Same for EVs no matter the source country.

  3. carl

    We wish they would continue in Canada also, and we are from Minnesota.
    We heard they were discontinuing so we bought a 2024 Edge ST to replace our 2018 Edge Titanium.

  4. Sarah

    If love to have a Ford Edge but haven’t seen any in the UK. Shame, it would do very well here. Nothing wrong with my Ecosport, but wow I’d have an Edge anytime!

  5. Joe

    With Fords recent move towards Hybrids it would seem logical for a transition to a PHEV or Hybrid Edge. Same successful body style with an updated Hybrid power plant. Seems simple enough,

    1. Tigger

      But remember, Farley and company like to make things difficult.

  6. William J. Offutt jr.

    Wake up as customers are finickly , and they want something other than SUV’s . Maybe Ford should look around the World Markets and see if other designs will wet the apetites of Customers ? For 10 yrs, Ford has been going down the same path. Look at other factors in building a Change for the future market. Lee Iocca saw the market in the minivans , and it saved a Company !


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