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Ford Exec Says Company Thinking About Small Cars For Europe

While it pivots to smaller, cheaper EVs in the U.S., Ford is already primed to launch a couple of them in Europe – the Ford Explorer EV this summer, which will be followed by another (possibly called the Capri) riding on Volkswagen’s MEB platform. However, it also seemed as if The Blue Oval wasn’t interested in making all-electric versions of its existing small cars, as it has already canceled the Ford Fiesta and ruled out an all-electric version of that long-running model, while the Ford Focus – which is set to be discontinued in 2025 – has previously been rumored to be under consideration as part of the automaker’s EV pivot. Now, these mixed signals continue, as Martin Sander, general manager of Ford Model e Europe, recently told Autocar that FoMoCo is thinking about small cars for that region after all.

“There are values which have made us successful over the last couple of years, like solid quality and value for money,” Sander said when asked if there’s room in Ford’s European lineup for small cars in the future. “We’re not walking away from this. These are basic fundamental values Ford has had globally for many years. You will see different quality in terms of design, interior, performance and equipment.”

Sander noted that he believes that Ford will still cater to European customers that don’t want a crossover or SUV in the future, adding that the Explorer EV sports a fit and finish that’s on “a different level than you would have seen from Ford before,” adding, “this is what the brand deserves. The brand is so rich and so powerful, and we have to do a better job of building the strength of the brand into our products in Europe.”

At the same time, Sander pointed out that Ford hasn’t “not made a decision on future products after the two MEB products we are launching now,” referring to the Explorer EV and Capri, meaning that it doesn’t seem to be particularly close to debuting such a product, either.

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  1. Mark B

    Should Ford decide on a return to small cars, I hope to see them back here in US before I leave this Earth.

    1. Mike

      Yes and they need to bring back
      the 1.5L ST engine for the Puma please

  2. Sunlinerwhite

    Ford’s decision making of recent years has already cost them this repeat customer from the past 45 years. I was a loyal Ford fan until their decision to boot all sedans and the focus on EV’s. I’ve moved on and not disappointed.

  3. Sam

    I enjoy driving my Mustang II Mach1, Escort GT and 2 Fiestas. I really don’t want or need an SUV.

  4. Dwayne

    I knew it would come to this. Suvs and evs are just to expensive for alot of people who just don’t want to waste money on vehicles

  5. Ronald Keith

    Time to replace my Fusion and Ford has nothing I can replace it with guess I’ll check out Toyota and Honda. I’ve been buying Ford for 40 years I don’t want a 40k plus SUV or truck.

  6. Marc Olborn

    This article is about Ford in Europe with a desperate small share… when will the European propaganda stop? VW is selling more T-ROCs of Golfs as the whole range of Ford in Europe, the Puma and Kuga are outdated, there is not a remplacement for the Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, S-Max and so on but Sander is a master to tell Jim what he wants to hear: SUV, American style, vans and Mustang. This has never worked in Europe and will NEVER ever work. It will be game over for Ford in Europe and China when the management continues like that. I’m not saying that, the figures are!

  7. Musk is right when he said Ford’s showroom resembles a funeral parlor. I was there for an oil change for my fusion, and could not find one vehicle I was interested

    1. Thomas

      You misquoted Musk.

  8. David Robinson

    We have a focus titanium which we bought new in 2017. 1litre petrol eco boost. It’s been a fantastic car for my wife and around the town commuting. Extremely reliable but now ready for a change and my wife really wants to continue with a focus but to be honest it needs a complete internal face lift as does the puma. Electric cars are not an option for us yet, so sadly it looks like after 5 Fords we will be changing brands the current models being uninspiring and quite dull inside.


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