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Ford F-150 Lightning Rival Tesla Cybertruck Up Close: Photos

Though the two executives have been known to exchange pleasantries via social media on a regular basis, Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk remain at the helm of two stark competitors, regardless. That is especially true of the rivalry between the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Tesla Cybertruck, as the former beat the latter to market by a considerable margin. Regardless, Tesla had a little fun by decking out some Cybertruck prototypes in F-150-like wraps, and Farley was quick to call that same model a truck for “Silicon Valley people,” not real truck owners. Regardless, the one thing that makes the Tesla Cybertruck perhaps the most divisive vehicle in recent history is its styling – and Ford Authority was able to check that out up close recently.

Rarely does a vehicle come along that sports styling so controversial, and in that regard, the Tesla Cybertruck might just be the most divisive vehicle in history. Some love its 8-bit video game-like styling, while others truly hate it. In fact, Ford Flex designer Paul Snyder previously called it a “threatening-looking thing” that is “kind of a big f*** you to everybody.” Strong words, indeed.

Aesthetics aside, Ford reportedly paid big money to procure a Tesla Cybertruck for benchmarking purposes, and in the weeks since its launch, we’ve learned a lot about how it compares to the Ford F-150 Lightning and various other rivals. While the Cybertruck does manage to beat out the F-150 Lightning in a couple of areas, most reviewers seem to prefer the more traditional-looking EV pickup, regardless.

In fact, the F-150 Lightning managed to best the Cybertruck in an impromptu off-road test, as well as a more formal comparison between those two models and the Rivian R1T. Regardless, this battle between EV pickups is still a relatively young one – with many early adopters still paying over MSRP to secure a Tesla Cybertruck – so only time will tell how this particular war is won.

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  1. Steve Witham

    At first glance at the script on the doorsill I thought it spelled “Cheap Trick”.

  2. EB1959

    Ford F-150 standard cab 8′ bed: Curb Weight, 4300 +/-. Distance on smallest tank 506 miles
    Tesla Cybertruck: 6′ bed (tailgate closed), Curb Weight, 6800. Distance before recharge 320 Miles. Cost: starting at $76,000 for 4×4.

    Now, if this cybertruck T-bones someone, someone is going to DIE at 6,800lbs EMPTY. When someone hits your cybertruck, who repairs it? Who has the parts, know how? No one, so it’s either totaled, or shipped to Tesla plant. I’m gonna guess it gets totaled.

    You know, Biden wants to END Oil, 100%. Guess how much plastic is in ANY electric vehicle, which by the way is made from … OIL!

    I’ll stick to gas/diesel thank you.

  3. Boomer

    Just go Punch up some Carnage of the NEW RIVIAN’S that have had some “SMALL” Accident’s on YouTube…. Check out the Repair estimates on them for a “SMALL DENT” on one that I seen getting the Dentless Repair done Start to Finish. The Original estimate was like $45,000.00 to FIX the Ding???? After, I’am just guessing WEEK’S at the Dentless Repair Facility, It Looked Like Brand New!!! No Price that I saw was Given on that Repair, But it was way Under the $45,000.00 Someone wanted to repair it. I would Fathom to say this Unit would Cost Just as Much or More to FIX??? If it ain’t TOTALED ALSO!!! So, Ya, I’ll Burn my 2022 F-150 ICE Unit and Stop every 500 Miles or so for a 10 Minute Fill up and back on the Road. No Thank You! I’ll KEEP our I C E Vehicles for now… Whilst JOEY and His Administration Continue to RUIN THE US of A 🇺🇸🇺🇸… What a SHAME to say the Least.


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