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Ford F-150 Takes Out Ford Mustang In Las Vegas: Video

While the Ford Mustang has developed – shall we say – a bit of a reputation for crashing into people, buildings, and other vehicles over the years, the truth of the matter is, crashes of these types happen all the time, and they involve pretty much every type of vehicle one can imagine. That includes the Ford F-150 – one-half of the best-selling model in the U.S. for decades to this point – as we’ve seen the popular pickup crash into stopped vehicles, fly through residential areas, and even smash through the exterior wall of a Walmart store. Now, we’re being treated to yet another Ford F-150 crash, this time, via Reddit.

Ford F-150 Takes Out Ford Mustang In Las Vegas - Exterior 001 - Front

This particular footage is pretty wild to watch, given the fact that the Ford F-150 in question is first seen seemingly nearly causing an accident with the vehicle that’s recording it in the early part of the clip – not to mention several others nearby – while traveling down U.S. 95 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The worst, however, was yet to come.

As we can see from the rear shot of this footage, the Ford F-150 comes up on a poor Ford Mustang a bit too fast and attempts to change lanes abruptly – seemingly to avoid running into the back of it – but instead, the driver loses control. The pickup proceeds to swerve back and smash into the passenger side of the Mustang, right in the middle of the highway.

Las Vegas US95 crash. Today I was a lucky idiot. [OC]
byu/steverik inIdiotsInCars

Amazingly enough, things could have ended much worse. As we can see in the clip, the driver of a tractor trailer behind the Mustang sees what’s going on and stops in time before they’re also involved in that accident, and it looks like other drivers around the two vehicles followed suit. Regardless, this is yet another example of what happens when one isn’t paying attention to the road, which is something that occurs far too often these days.

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