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Ford Maverick Production Decreased In March 2024

The Ford Maverick has thus far been an elusive vehicle to find – at least without some sort of markup attached to its sales price – thanks to high demand since the day the compact pickup launched a few years ago. Ford continues to work to ramp up Maverick production to meet that tremendous demand, and those efforts paid off as Ford Maverick production increased substantially at the Hermosillo Assembly plant in January, which led to a significant sales increase. However, Maverick production proceeded to fall yet again in the month of February, and that trend continued in March as well, according to the automaker’s Q1 2024 sales report.

A total of 10,774 Ford Maverick pickups were produced in December, which represented a month-over-month decrease of 3,052 units, or 22 percent versus November. In January, Ford built 16,269 units of its popular compact pickup, which was 5,495 units or 51 percent more than December – and it also helped contribute to a robust 98.39 percent year-over-year sales increase in January to kick off the new year, too.

That good news was short-lived, however, as Ford Maverick production tumbled to 14,316 units in February, which represented a decrease of 1,953 units or or 12 percent. Somewhat surprisingly, that downward trend continued in March as well, as 13,156 Ford Maverick pickups rolled off the assembly line in Mexico last month, which is a month-over-month decrease of 1,160 units, or just over eight percent.

Regardless, buyers will find some notable updates present on the 2024 Maverick, which include the fact that the hybrid powertrain is no longer standard equipment, while the manual sliding rear window and windshield wiper de-icer have been deleted and the keyless entry keypad is now a dealer-installed option, changes that have been accompanied by a price increase across the lineup as well.

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  1. Robert jung

    still waiting for my 23 I guess 24 I guess they stopped production on xl hybred so they could build a lot of $42,000.00 lariat tremors

  2. Shawn Thatcher

    Very happy with my Maverick
    Great ride

  3. Mike K

    My 2023 lariat hybrid never got built. So I went and bought a Santa Fe PHEV limited.

  4. mary

    I am giving up the Mavericks at my dealer (7) start at $33k to $42k so much for affordable $23kish as advertised…..

  5. Ricky

    I drove 725 miles to get a ’24. Local dealers were marking up $3k. Got the xlt hybrid for the wife. So far, so good.

  6. Gil

    Got my ‘24 in January, $34,500, Lariat, loaded, Hybrid, LOVE IT and WORTH IT

  7. bob

    Ford keeping inventory tight so dealers can stab customers in the wallet. Thanks for a another unaffordable truck. Better off buying a Ranger.

    1. RobA

      If you think Mavericks are unaffordable, you need to go price the competition and then buy used. They are a great deal.

  8. CC

    Ford is, as always, doing a great disservice to their potential customers by artificially restricting supply to try to sell more high margin F150s. This is in line with other carmakers like GM and I won’t feel sorry for these dirtbags when they go belly up (sooner the better). No way should anyone ever support this behavior….and besides…who wants a poorly made POS when you can buy a Toyota with proven reliability and much better resale. Like most pervious Ford products….these will not last in the long haul.

  9. Ronald Keith

    The Maverick could have been a runaway hit for Ford but they decided to not build enough of them and also not build what the people wanted the 24k hybrid. Farley and the rest running Ford only care about the short term gain and stock prices.

  10. David Simpson

    Love my 2023 Maverick…43.5 mpg around town. In fact, i order a 2nd 2024 which will arrive soon…Dave S. Southern Arizona

  11. Pierre

    Please ,make Maverick available in South Africa!


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