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Ford Mustang Hybrid AWD Potentially Teased: Video

Earlier this week, The Blue Oval celebrated 60 years since the debut of the Ford Mustang back in 1964 with a special event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. There, the automaker showed off the 2025 Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Package for the first time, and also gave fans the chance to meet Ford Performance drivers, participate in ride alongs, and check out various pony cars up close as well. However, as Ford Authority reported yesterday, The Blue Oval also potentially teased the S650-generation Shelby GT500, and that wasn’t the only Easter egg at the event either – in fact, a possible Ford Mustang Hybrid all-wheel drive model may have also been teased as well.

As we can see in the livestream of this special event in the video below, at one point later in the presentation, there’s what appears to be an S550-generation Mustang smoking its tires. However, that tire smoke isn’t just coming from the rear tires – but rather, seemingly from the front as well, potentially signaling the presence of the long-rumored all-wheel drive system underneath. It’s an extremely short clip, but a truly notable one, nonetheless.

Of course, it’s unclear if this is a Ford Mustang Hybrid of any sort, though such a combination would make sense – after all, that’s precisely what GM has done with the new Corvette E-Ray, which uses an electric motor to power the front wheels, while its traditional ICE engine handles the rear. It’s also worth noting that a Ford Mustang Hybrid has been rumored to be in the works for years, though as Ford Authority previously reported, that idea was ultimately scrapped for the new-for-2024 S650 model.

Despite this, there’s still plenty of smoke surrounding the concept of a Ford Mustang Hybrid. In fact, CEO Jim Farley recently stated that a hybrid pony car was far more likely to come to fruition than an all-electric model. Additionally, the automaker just announced that it plans to add a hybrid powertrain option to its entire Ford Blue lineup earlier this month, which the Mustang is part of – making the concept of an electrified pony car seem like a very real possibility.

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A special hat tip goes out to Ford Authority reader Robert for discovering this!

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. John


    Can’t wait!

    1. Davido49

      Me too. Sooo many Ford models i like & want .. my driveway isn’t big enough tho! For now.

  2. JD

    Would make sense… if AWD cars could do standing burnouts….

    1. TB

      Ken Block would have begged to differ.

      1. Davido49

        Ken was Ford all the way even before heavy sponsorship. He would love it.

    2. Davido49

      It will be able to ! Not much before hooks up an rips tho 💯

  3. UncleAL

    I’m ready to sell my Challenger now !

    1. Davido49

      It’s coming & will be outstanding. Game changer!

  4. Julian Digby Bottin

    Yes, AWD hybrid….
    the question though is with what engine?

  5. Des

    I’ve owned 12 mustangs, I now own a 21 Bronco and a 22 lariat Lighting. I love Mustangs but I will not buy another one until there is an all wheel drive version…

  6. Niken

    It’s a snippet of a old line lock video, it’s not a AWD Mustang.

  7. AggressiveCrabCake

    So bummed that the footage is from six-ish years ago showing off line-lock.
    The concept of an AWD Mustang was extremely appealing to me when it was first rumored before the current gen came out. I guess since nothing’s been technically revealed about that “new variant” coming out for 2025 it could still be an AWD Mustang, but I’m not optimistic.


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