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Ford Pays Its Executives More Than It Pays Taxes: Report

In recent years, a number of corporations have come under fire from various entities for paying little to no taxes, which is the result of a system designed to promote business growth and job creation. Additionally, many corporate CEOs have also drawn criticism for their large salaries, too. As Ford Authority reported last week, Blue Oval CEO Jim Farley raked in around $26 million in total compensation in 2023, which unsurprisingly drew the ire of United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain, who has long accused the automaker of engaging in what he calls “corporate greed” – especially following heated negotiations between the two sides last year. Now, a new report from the “Institute for Policy Studies and Americans for Tax Fairness” has also singled out Ford for paying its executives more than it pays in taxes, too.

Jim Farley

For this particular report, the agency looked at a variety of corporations and the taxes they paid from 2018-2022, as well as executive salaries over that same time period. It found that 64 of those companies paid their top five executives more in terms of salary than they did in net tax payments – a list that included Ford.

According to this report, Ford has shelled out $355 million in salary to its top five executives over the past five years, while taking in $7.8 billion in profit. Over that same time period, the automaker paid $121 million in federal taxes, which equates to 1.5 percent in terms of its corporate tax rate.

Of course, Ford wasn’t alone in this regard, and was also joined in the top 10 by its rival, Tesla, which dished out $2.5 billion in executive pay over the past years, earning $4.4 billion in profit while paying zero in terms of taxes, in fact.

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  1. G O PEE

    Should have saved this for April 2 because people might think this it is a joke

  2. DC

    Yeah, a bad joke. But the workers are “killing” Ford.

    Ford’s two assets are it’s trucks and Euro-designed C platform. One is going away and Ford hasn’t got the memo about diversifying it’s portfolio.

    If Democrats get elected again (I’m okay with that), gas prices are going back over $4/gal guaranteed and Ford is going to be underwater.

  3. Richard Rassh

    The workers are killing ford. Give me a break.

  4. David Dickinson II

    It would be nice to know how much Ford gets in grants, subsidies, and other federal credits. Overall, is Ford a federal welfare case?

  5. NM

    Comparing total compensation (including imputed income) vs. ONLY the amount of corporate tax paid is disingenuous at best. Every company (at least in the US) has to pay payroll taxes, and those were conveniently removed from the equation.


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