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Ford Ranger Lands On Another Ranger In Hit-And-Run: Video

Hit and run accidents occur essentially every day somewhere in the U.S., and for various reasons – sometimes, the perpetrator has warrants or a history of committing crimes and doesn’t want to go back to jail, and other times, perhaps they just aren’t thinking and are worried about the possibility of getting in trouble. Regardless of the reason, we’ve seen a number of Blue Oval models involved in hit and run crashes over the years, including a Ford F-350 that smacked a Tesla Model 3 and took off, a Ford Fusion that wrecked after trying to flee the scene of an accident its driver caused, and a Ford EcoSport driver in Florida that was arrested after committing a similar crime. Now, we’re learning about a Ford Ranger that actually wound up on top of another Ford Ranger via this wild story from CBS News.

The whole thing went down in Brockton, Massachusetts recently after a Ford Ranger ran into a building and wound up sitting on top of two parked cars – including, as it turns out, another Ford Ranger. The driver didn’t hang around to speak with police, however, instead opting to run – and they’re still on the lam, it seems, as police have yet to locate the perpetrator.

There are plenty of unanswered questions revolving around this incident, though the wrecked Ranger has since been towed away. There is some camera footage from nearby that captured the pickup driving down the street and suddenly swerving to one side, going airborne, and landing on top of those other vehicles. Police believe that the driver lost control before hitting a fire hydrant, which sent it spiraling into the building and three other cars before coming to a rest on top of two of them.

Luckily, it seems as if no one was injured, though the driver – and perhaps a passenger, according to some witnesses – is still on the run. The pickup wasn’t reported stolen, though police say that the driver also wasn’t the owner of the Ranger – which leaves quite a few questions in this rather strange case.

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