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Ford Super Duty Not Included In Blue Oval’s Hybrid Pivot

Facing lower than expected growth in demand for all-electric vehicles, Ford recently scaled back some of its planned investments in that area while also delaying the production start dates of both the three-row Ford Explorer EV and the next-generation Ford F-150 EV. However, the automaker also announced that it will offer a hybrid powertrain in every model in the Ford Blue lineup by 2030 as well, which means that a number of existing vehicles will soon have some sort of electrified option for consumers to choose from. Regardless, that list does not include the Ford Super Duty, Ford Authority has confirmed.

The reasoning behind this is quite simple – the automaker’s announcement regarding its intentions to offer hybrid options across the Ford Blue lineup means that the Ford Super Duty is excluded for the simple fact that it isn’t part of that particular business structure. Rather, as we can see from this breakdown, the Ford Blue division – which pertains only to non-commercial, ICE vehicles – doesn’t include the Super Duty, which is instead part of the Ford Pro commercial business unit.

While it’s possible the Ford Super Duty may one day be offered with a hybrid powertrain option, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon, barring another announcement in the coming years. Instead, this electrified push concerns only Ford Blue models, which includes the vehicles listed above.

Prior to the launch of the redesigned 2023 Ford Super Duty, rumors surfaced that the heavier-duty pickup would in fact be offered with some sort of hybrid powertrain. However, as Ford Authority exclusively reported in June 2022, that was not the case, as the Super Duty continues to be sold only with traditional gas and diesel engine options.

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  1. Shane

    Ford is dumb but not that dumb. Americans absolutely LOVE their ICE trucks…thank God for sanity. Nice to see EVs failing miserably.

  2. TowinExpy

    Bad idea in my opinion not to have a Hybrid option if for nothing else providing larger plug in power for job sites and the camping community. That dinky inverter they offer now is pretty much useless for real world use. Don’t get me wrong love the 7.3 just wish it could run a 7.2 kw or larger inverter.

  3. ray

    Does it have a 10 speed trans thats going to cost about $ 7500.000 to repair ?

  4. Richard Rassh

    The 10 speed Torqshift in SDs are not the same as in the smaller trucks and are relatively reliable


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