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Ford Trucks Partners With Argus Cyber Security

Ford has been making plenty of moves in Europe recently as it works to navigate changing consumer preference and ever-evolving regulations, including adding flexibility to its production lines so that it can ramp up or tamper down EV output based on demand. As for big trucks, The Blue Oval has long maintained that pure electrification is a ways off, and instead, has been focusing on hydrogen power as an alternative – with the Ford Trucks division – a global brand under the umbrella of the joint venture Ford Otosan – recently signing a deal with Ballard Power Systems to secure that type of powertrain for its F-Max heavy-duty hauler. Now, Ford Trucks has announced another partnership that will help it meet new regulatory standards of a different kind.

Ford Trucks has partnered with Argus Cyber Security – an automotive cyber security company – to complete a vehicle-level penetration testing project on the F-Max that is the next step in getting that model approved under the UNR 155 cyber security regulation. UN R155 requires the presence of a cybersecurity management system (CSMS) in vehicles, and aims to ensure that cybersecurity practices and measures are adequately applied across the development process and life cycle of those vehicles.

Vehicle-level penetration is one of the methods used to validate that the vehicle E/E architecture and software are protected against the various threats detailed in the regulation. Ford Trucks chose Argus for its ability to carry out this process quickly, after which the company completed in-vehicle testing of components such as ECUs and network interfaces, as well as bidirectional communications with backend servers.

“We chose Argus to conduct the vehicle-level pentest based on its proven experience, knowledge, methodology and expertise,” said Emrah Duman, Ford Trucks Leader. “Argus’s ability to complete the testing and submit the required documentation to the auditors in an extremely short time frame with top quality results was critical for enabling us to meet our business goals.”

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  1. Dave Mathers

    Looks like the old CLT 9000s from the 70s and 80s. We sold a bunch of them.


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