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Here’s What The Ford Hybrid Lineup Should Look Like By 2030

As Ford Authority reported just yesterday, The Blue Oval now plans to offer hybrid powertrains across its entire Ford Blue lineup in North America by 2030. This is obviously big news, but perhaps not terribly surprising given the fact that the automaker is enjoying robust sales from the current Ford hybrid lineup, with the Ford Maverick closing out 2023 as the best-selling hybrid pickup on the market, coupled with the fact that hybrids present customers with few compromises. Thus, we’re taking a look ahead into the future to see what, exactly, the future Ford hybrid lineup should look like by 2030 – though plans, as they often do, are subject to change.

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV - Exterior 003 - Rear Three Quarters

Ford Ranger

First up, we have the Ford Ranger, which is an interesting one given the fact that the new plug-in hybrid model just debuted for Europe and Australia last September and combines the existing Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost engine with an electric motor and battery to offer customers 28 miles of electric-only driving range. It’s unclear if the Ranger PHEV will eventually come to the U.S., but a previous report suggested that it may.

Ford Bronco Wildtrak Argentina - Exterior 003 - Front Three Quarters

Ford Bronco

Given the fact that the Ford Bronco shares a platform and powertrains with the Ranger, it would make perfect sense for The Blue Oval to offer something similar, and even perhaps the same PHEV setup. This would seemingly be the easiest way to bring a Bronco hybrid to market, but Ford may opt to go a different direction, regardless.

Ford Bronco Sport Blue Free Wheeling - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Ford Bronco Sport

Rumors regarding a potential Ford Bronco Sport hybrid have also perpetuated for some time now, as such an offering was said to be in the works as far back as 2021, when the crossover originally launched. The Bronco Sport is slated to receive a refresh for the 2025 model year, though it’s unclear what a potential hybrid powertrain might consist of. The rugged crossover is built at the Hermosillo Assembly Plant alongside the Ford Maverick – which is available with the 2.5L Atkinson cycle four-cylinder hybrid drivetrain – so it is possible that The Blue Oval may go that route.

Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator

Here we have two more platform-mates, the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, both of which were offered with a hybrid powertrain prior to the 2025 model year refresh. Given the fact that the current-gen models also share powertrains with the Ranger and Bronco, FoMoCo could opt to utilize them here as well, or it could be working on a new version of the more traditional hybrid for one or both. However, it is worth noting that the Police Interceptor Utility is still sold in hybrid form.

Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator

Both the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator are in line to receive refreshes for the 2025 model year, which have long been expected to arrive with a hybrid powertrain option. Since these big SUVs share a platform with the Ford F-150, it would seem like the obvious choice here is to simply utilize the pickup’s existing PowerBoost hybrid setup, too.

Ford Mustang

As for the Ford Mustang, it’s entirely unclear what The Blue Oval may have planned, as the aforementioned 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost based PHEV setup may not fit in the pony car. However, rumors regarding the possibility of an electrified Mustang have swirled for years, so it’s likely Ford has some sort of idea in regards to what directly it may go.

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  1. John

    Please just make the AWD V8 hybrid Mustang. I think it would be a great option in the Bronco and F-150, too.

    1. Davido49

      It’s coming! Till then best bet is new Mustang Dark Horse 🐎. Every special edition Mustang since .. well forever really.. has proven an excellent investment. They all appreciate nicely if mis kept reasonably low etc.

  2. Richard

    Once again Ford is following instead of leading. 2030 is a long way for customers that want hybrids now. Trying to chase Tesla in EV market was wrong and slow and this decision is reflected in stock price.

  3. Geoff Tonkin

    Ram charger

    1. Davido49

      Your trolling. Don’t blame ya tho! 😀 New F150 Powerboost Hybrid is excellent & I’d be looking at all the new hybrid trucks /SUVs Ford Motor putting out too. Can have POWER /MPG’s/ DESIGN & FEATURES! No compromising.

  4. Mike K

    Ford couldn’t build all the 2023 hybrid Maverick orders. I know mine was never built. How are they going to do it by 2030?
    I bought a a 2023 Santa Fe PHEV.

    1. Davido49

      I’m sure your regretting that purchase. Sorry but that Hyundai is FUGLY. Maverick was home run/ fastest selling vehicle 2yrs straight! Nobody could’ve anticipated that. 3 production shifts now building Maverick & popular Bronco Sport small SUV. Maverick is an excellent small truck in every measure. Reviews are steller. Trade that Sante Fe while still has value. I would!

  5. Bob Bee

    So many ???,s…..if Ford continues to build at the Hermisillio Plant it could face hugh Tariffs. Why not build at the new EV City Plant ? Why not accelerate The Entire Fleet to Hybrid AWD powertrains? The production of the Maverick could have been accelerated at the LouisVille Plant where Escapes are produced. Ford is far behind Toyota in Hybrid Tech, Quality Control and Future product selection. They rode the Truck craze and now are Flooded with Unsold High priced Trucks, No Vision, Slow to adapt. If they do not bring back High Mileage ,Lower Retail priced Small Cars that have Styling they will have completely lost the Entry level market. The Corolla and Forte have been steady sellers for 20 plus years. The Maverick is a very good example of good quality ,low price but Ford still after 3 years can only produce
    150,000 units of which Half are Hybrid and they Stated at $19,995 and now start at $25,000 plus . I have noticed that in all Companies and Industries the Lower Priced Varieties have vanished and this Includes Vehicles. There have benn No significant changes to the Maverick to Quantify a $5000 increase. If you want to sell Quantity, Build Quality at a Price the Public can afford. Ford is handing sales to other companies and the Dealerships by way of Market Pricing are Becomming CarpertBaggers, not to mention the Service Department ripoffs.

    1. Davido49

      Ford ALREADY builds more vehicles in US then ANYONE.. by good margin. Maverick demand was never expected to be as high as it has been. Good seller yes.. but fastest selling vehicle in US 2yrs in row!? It’s an excellent small truck. Top quality/ features/ tech as every review has stated @good price pt. Lots illogical comments here in general . 3 shifts now building both Maverick truck & Bronco Sport. I have one & love it. 💯

  6. Mark Labant

    When will Ford offer an all electric Ranger again? My 2000 all electric Ford Ranger is totally wore out. Ford sold all electric rangers from 1998 to 2000. Apparently Ford forgot how to build electric Rangers.

    1. Davido49

      Gen3 ’24 Ranger hybrid already out in other markets & be avail to US /Canadian customers early ’25. I will definitely be getting one. My gen2 ’19 Ranger XLT FX4 crew cab has been outstanding. Was best in class midsized truck . New Gen3 Ranger getting phenomenal reviews by everyone. It’s heavily revised but kept best attributes of gen2 truck. 2 proven powertrains avail. My Ranger has 2.3L GTDI (275hp) engine & it’s plenty of power w/solid mpgs. Average 20 city/ 23-24 hwy. Hybrid option should bring up mpgs nicely & allow 30mis of electric only driving they said. 👍🏻

  7. anonymous guest

    Performance could help Lincoln overall, but they’d need something striking (yes a labor pun). like a 2-seat GT hybrid awd sportscar.

  8. John Grimsley

    No more Mild-Hybrids please. MPG > 30 please. Small SUVs > 40 mpg.

    1. Davido49

      They on the way John! I agree 100%. The Maverick hybrid & F150 Powerboost hybrid along w/Escape hybrid SUV are selling very well for good reason. I will be ordering ’25 Ranger Lariat hybrid 4wd when order banks open in fall. It’s already out in other markets! 💯


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