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It May Be Time To Buy A Ford SVT F-150 Lightning: Video

YouTuber Tyler Hoover of the Hoovie’s Garage channel has never been one to shy away from a good deal, which oftentimes can result in disaster. After all, buying high-mile vehicles or those that are clearly cheap for a reason can oftentimes not be worth the headache, which he’s learned time and time again. However, Hoover has also had some great luck with a few Blue Oval vehicles as of late, purchasing a solid 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor that didn’t need much work, in spite of the fact that it had 300k miles on the clock, and he isn’t the only one, either. Now, Hoover is back with yet another new/used vehicle – a second-generation Ford SVT F-150 Lightning that looks like a great buy, too.

Second-Generation Ford SVT F-150 Lightning Hoovie's Garage - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Second-generation Ford SVT F-150 Lightning models have been popular for some time now, meaning that finding a nice one for reasonable money isn’t exactly an easy endeavor. Many of these pickups have been driven quite hard as well, given the fact that they’re incredibly easy to add power to and experience tremendous results at the drag strip – as we’ve seen time and time again. This particular example was purchased for a great deal, as Hoover notes he bought it from a viewer and that it was “the cheapest” in the country at $15,000.

For a nice-looking second-generation Ford SVT F-150 Lightning with a clean history and no accidents along with a reasonable mileage total of 120k, that seems like a pretty amazing deal right off the bat. However, as is always the case, Hoover needs to take this pickup to his resident mechanic – David Long, or the Car Wizard as he’s otherwise known – for a proper inspection.

Up on the lift, it’s pretty clear that there’s a little bit of rust present here, but nothing too terrible. There are no leaks or other obvious problems, and all of the lines look good as well. It’s a pretty pleasant discovery for once, and perhaps a sign that now might just be a great time to go out and purchase a Ford SVT F-150 Lightning – at least, if one can find a solid example like this for the right price.

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  1. Rich

    I saw a Lightening in that moving and I thought it was a Ford Explorer Sport Tract Adrenalin. I have one in Torch Red. I’m partial, but my 2010 Sport Tract Adrenalin with only 47,000 knocks the shocks of the Lightening. I wish I could post pictures in this comment area.

  2. hottoddy

    I own a 2002 Lightning with just under 30K miles on it (Red). I get offers to buy it all the time when I bring it out for weekend car events. Everyone watches to see where I park and waits for the hood to open. I estimate the value in the mid to upper 30s. I tell people, if you don’t like the price find an other one for less money in the same condition


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