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Lincoln Corsair PHEV Ranks 23rd On 2023 Made In America Index

The annual Kogod School of Business Made in America Auto Index gives consumers an interesting insight into the origins of new vehicles, as well as the components that make them up and the places they’re produced. In that regard, the Lincoln Corsair moved up the ranks in a big way in 2022, skyrocketing from 44th place in 2021 – when it contained 25 percent U.S. and Canadian content and a foreign-sourced engine – to the top spot overall, largely thanks to its 72 percent U.S. and Canadian content and its American-made engine. However, following a refresh for the 2023 model year, the Lincoln Corsair did slip to sixth place in the 2023 edition of this study, while the plug-in hybrid Grand Touring model ranked a bit further down.

In the 2023 Made in America Index, the Lincoln Corsair PHEV ranked 23rd among all new vehicles on sale, as 62 percent of its content is domestically sourced – one of several factors taken into account when determining these rankings. It wasn’t the only Blue Oval model to make this list either, as the Ford Explorer XLT ranked 20th with a domestic content of 63.5 percent, the Ford F-150 finished 17th at 65 percent, and Ford Bronco Raptor came in 18th among all new vehicles on sale, as 64.5 percent of its content is domestically sourced.

The Made in America Auto Index uses seven points derived from publicly available data based on research performed by the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan to arrive at these conclusions – profit margin, labor, research and development, inventory, capital, and other expenses, engine, transmission, and body, chassis, and electrical components.

These rankings also take into account the economic value of the different components of auto manufacturing. For example, the highest-ranked cars are made by U.S. based manufacturers that utilize American engines and transmissions, as well as a high percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts. In the case of components like the engine and transmission and the location that the vehicle is assembled, those that aren’t U.S.-based are given a score of 0.

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