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Lincoln Nautilus Among Slowest Selling Cars Of March 2024

New Lincoln inventory has remained far higher than industry averages for a long time now, a stark turnaround compared to the post-pandemic years, when new vehicles were tough to find in general. However, at least some of this buildup can also be attributed to slow sales as it relates to particular models – not just production ramp ups that occurred following easing supply constraints. In fact, the Lincoln Navigator L ranked among the slowest-selling vehicles on the market in March 2024, and it was also joined by the Lincoln Nautilus, according to new data from iSeeCars.

The Lincoln Nautilus ranked as the 20th slowest-selling new vehicle in March, in fact, as the luxurious crossover is spending 90.3 days on dealer lots, on average. That does place the Nautilus at the bottom of this particular list, though it’s still far above the overall market average of 54 days, and it’s also worth noting that this model has undergone a total redesign for the 2024 model year, with deliveries just beginning a couple of weeks ago. Regardless, the overall new vehicle market has experienced a 21.6 percent slowdown in terms of time to turn, which hints at a broader trend.

“Between the gradual drop in new car pricing and consistent slow-down in their sales pace, it’s like watching a giant machine slowly wind down,” said Karl Brauer, iSeeCars Executive Analyst. “New cars are still more expensive than before Covid, and they’re still selling at a reasonable rate, but the pendulum has clearly swung the other direction.”

“Many of the slowest-selling models have been available for years in their current form and are due for a redesign,” Brauer added. “We also see a high number of electric models like the Mercedes-Benz EQS and Ford Mustang Mach-E, which are still relatively new to the market but are not generating the same demand they did when introduced.”

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  1. Prentice3

    Now built in and imported from China and they dropped the wonderful V6. Need I say more?

  2. Bill Hall

    Maybe because they are made in China!

  3. Tom

    The new gen hasn’t been out for 90 days yet, so this is referring to the older model, so people’s comments about it being imported from China doesn’t apply to this.

  4. Tiller

    This might be the case for the 2023 Nautilus but not the 2024. We haven’t been able to keep a 24 on our lot for more than two or three days, they’re selling that fast.

  5. Eileen Smith

    We have a nautilus that we leased then bought. It’s the best vehicle we’ve owned! Some problems from the beginning but when they were corrected it was and is a great car. Just a little too pricey!

  6. A Ford guy

    The pictures are not of a 2024 Nautilus.

  7. Auto.motive

    $78000 black label is $28000 over what its worth in a downward car market. They will rot on lots.

  8. Kevin Wilcoxon

    Sad to say, but Ford-Lincoln has lost its way. They don’t know what they want to be. They have the most boring lineup. I don’t see anything I’d upgrade to. Fire your CEO. (2020 Lincoln MKZ owner)


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