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Low-Cost Ford EV Prototype Will Hit The Road This Year

With pricing remaining a big barrier standing in the way of more widespread EV adoption, Ford has shifted its focus away from pricier all-electric vehicles and toward smaller, cheaper ones. The first product set to emerge from this change in philosophy is a low-cost Ford EV that’s been somewhat secretly in development via a skunkworks team for the past two years, one that’s slated to launch in 2026 with a price tag of around $25k. However, it seemingly won’t be much longer before prototypes of this new low-cost Ford EV hit the road.

Sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that prototypes of the forthcoming low-cost Ford EV are slated to start testing on public roads later this year, in fact, as the new platform continues along its development cycle that began roughly two years ago.

To date, we’ve learned a few key details about this future low-cost Ford EV, including the fact that it will be a small crossover – one that may take inspiration from the existing Ford Escape, as CEO Jim Farley previously alluded to. In fact, CFO John Lawler followed up those comments by adding that while this future model may be sized like an Escape on the outside, its superior packaging may also result in the crossover having the same amount of interior space as the larger Ford Explorer.

Thus, a recent report indicating that the future cheap Ford EV may be built at the Louisville Assembly plant – where the Escape is currently produced – makes quite a bit of sense, if true. However, it won’t be the only future Blue Oval all-electric model riding on this new low-cost platform, either, as it’s also slated to underpin a small pickup and perhaps even a dedicated ride-share vehicle.

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  1. Bill

    It uses the work Ford did with their first EV attempt-no not the Focus-before they shifted design and focus to the currrent MachE vehicle.

  2. Mark

    Lower priced EV?… made in the US?… I can’t wait!!

  3. JDM.

    The size of an Escape with the room of an Explorer and around 25 grand. They really need to stop all the day drinking at Ford.

  4. Tigger

    Who knows if this vehicle ever sees the light of day. Ford changes plans as often as people change their socks.

  5. Julius Rosen

    And the dealers will add 5 to $10,000 profit margin stickers called market adjustments

    1. The Retired Viking

      And the customer has the option of walking away.

  6. C

    Why didn’t you offer this up first. Instead of overpriced shizZz


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