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NC State Highway Patrol Buying 25 2024 Ford Mustang Coupes

The Blue Oval has a long, rich history of providing law enforcement agencies in the U.S. with a wide variety of models over the years, whether that be the Crown Victoria, the Ford F-150 based Police Responder, or even the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E, which is currently serving everywhere from the New York Police Department to the FBI Police. However, the Ford Mustang has also long been a favorite among law enforcement for both higher-speed pursuits and community relations purposes, and that tradition now continues with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, which is purchasing 25 2024 Ford Mustang GT coupes to add to its fleet.

Much like the Mustang Special Service Package (SSP) of the Fox Body generation became quite famous during its heyday decades ago, the NCSHP notes that it chose to purchase these two-dozen plus 2024 Ford Mustang GT coupes at least partially for nostalgia’s sake. “History and traditions are an important part of our Patrol Family and the use of Mustangs have their beginnings on the SHP in the 80’s and early 90’s,” the department noted.

These marked 2024 Ford Mustang GT police cruisers will be hitting North Carolina interstates in the coming months, all with the goal of keeping those roadways safe – and of course, tracking down speeders in the process. That’s obviously bad news for folks that have a heavy right foot, as the Fox Body SSP quickly rose to fame for being quite competent at its job, and the 2024 Ford Mustang GT has even more performance to offer.

NCSHP also notes that these new pony cars are comparable in cost to other vehicles in its fleet, so it isn’t exactly dipping deep into the tax coffers to make this purchase. The agency also notes that the new Mustangs “will help to broaden the equipment and resources made available to troopers to effectively keep our roadways safe,” though personally, we hope to only see them at car shows – not in our rearview mirrors.

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H/T: The Drive

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  1. Rick Mitchell

    Very coooool!

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    1. Davido49

      CT/NY/NJ love the Explorer Interceptor SUVs. They are more expensive than rivals offerings but get what you pay for. Always.

  3. Davido49

    They will have a blast with these & will serve as very safe & dependable law enforcement vehicles! 💯

  4. GerryA

    The tu-tone color looks great for a Ghia edition Mustang.


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